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    Banned Xenforo 'scammer' - Potential new account

    Hello, So there was a person (@Alex.D ) banned on the forums for scamming people and his account got limited by Xenforo staff. This said person has made a custom add-on for me back then. This exact add-on is now being sold as resource by another member on the forums. They are exact copies...
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    XF 2.1 Backspace/Enter in posts/threads/edits with scrollbar causes auto scroll

    Dear Xenforo Community, Currently I am facing an issue on the forums in which I am unable to locate the source of the problem or how to fix it. Whenever anyone types in the post reply/post thread or edit message with a scrollbar present and uses backspace or enter it will automatically (and...
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    Post edit percentage

    Hello, In order to give more value to edits for a normal users, who cannot see the edit history, I'd like to suggest to atleast show a percentage of the post that has been edited. Example:
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    XF 2.1 .message-cell--user won't resize on change

    Hello all, Currently I am trying to make the width of .message-cell-user bigger (from 170px -> to 200px+) but unfortunately it has not worked as of yet. Anything I try to add or change to 200px it will still remain at 170px. Did the following: 1) Changed in ACP: ACP -> Options -> Messages...
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    XF 2.1 Removing parts of .message-userExtras on mobile version

    Hello all, Currently I have the following shown on my mobile version of the forums: .message:not(.message--forceColumns) .message-userExtras {display:inline !important; position: absolute; right: 10px;} However, the userExtras has to many lines (like joined, messages, points, etc..)...
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    XF 2.1 Userbanner Customization

    Hello all, I've got a few questions about userbanners and how to customize it: How do I make a userbanner full width? How can I make the userbanner go over the postbit? Is it possible to have a ribbon styled userbanner that goes over one side? *
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    XF 2.1 [FIXED] /forums doesn't really exist anymore?

    Edit: Issue has been resolved.
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    XF 2.1 Categories style change

    Hello everyone, I came across a style on the recourses with a change how categories are displayed which I find it really appealing (and fits the forums). (Copyright: SultanTheme by @napy8gen ) Now I have a few questions as to how I can make something like that work. 1) Obviously, is there...
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    XF 2.1 tools/run-job - installing/upgrading add-ons errors to 404 page halfway

    Dear Xenforo Community, Recently I've been getting quite frustrated with simple tasks as installing and upgrading a wide variety of add-ons. Whenever I try to install/upgrade any add-on it will redirect it to a 404 error halfway through the run-job. Making it impossible to quickly install or...
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    XF 2.0 Recent SSL problem

    Dear Xenforo Community, Today I've encountered a very nasty error that occurred out of nowhere. On my forums I run the Steam Integration add-on as main login/register. It ran like it should for around two months up until today. After a conversation with the developers of the add-on we came to...
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    XF 2.0 Finding Xenforo table name

    Hello all, For an add-on to work I need the following information: The name of the database on which Xenforo forums is installed. The forums table prefix / table used on installation. Obviously I could answer the first question but the second one I could not. Now I am wondering how I would...
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    Xenforo 'Members' Improved - Roster

    Dear Readers, Xenforo provides the Members page as standard to the Xenforo installation. However, it is kept very simple and there is not much to it. A bit too simple for me as this is a base feature of Xenforo that does not hold up to the high standard of Xenforo. What I like to see is a more...
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    XF 2.0 Unable to change forums background

    Hello all, So as the title mentiones I am unable to change my background of the forums. Whenever I change it in the following path: AdminCP -> Appearance -> Style Properties -> Page Setup -> Page Background Nothing will happen, the old link I used to have in there will keep appearing on the...
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    Post Highlight/Background color

    Dear Developers, No longer needed, found someone to make this for me.
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    Fixing (if possible) "Game Server Listing" Add-on - Socket issue

    Dear Readers, I've no idea if there is a solution to fix this problem but hopefully there is an answer to that question. Add-on: Issue: Due to my hosting plan not allowing the configure command "--enable-sockets", the add-on...
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    XF 2.0 Usergroup permission question

    Dear, I am a bit confused on how the Usergroup system works with permissions. Basically I've got a bunch of usergroups as ranks for certain members. These usergroups come with a custom userbanner and name. However most of these usergroups should have the same permissions as registered users...
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    Add-on Report Centre System - Improvement

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows a recource that not only allows private comments (like it is now, only staff visible) on the report but also allow the reporter to comment and discuss with staff. If not, is it possible to be customized or is it really needed to turn reports into threads...
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    XF 2.0 Cannot visit -> Contact us, Terms and rules, Privacy policy

    Dear Readers, Unfortunately I am stuck with an issue I cannot get solved. Basically I cannot access/visit the following pages provided by Xenforo: Contact us, Terms and rules, Privacy policy. What happends when I try to visit those pages? It will take a long time to load and in the end it will...
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    Looking for several addons

    Dear XenForo community, Revently I've moved to XenForo and am looking for a few addons. 1) Forums Shop: A shop based on the points gained on the forums, like posting and creating threads will give points. With these points you will be able to buy products from the shop. I need a shop that...