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  1. Nerdface

    XF 2.1 array_reverse in xf:foreach?

    Is this possible via a template modification, or will I need to create a code add-on?
  2. Nerdface

    Add-on Change search contraints order / behaviour

    I'm surprised nothing has been designed following this request in 2017, but it would be nice to change the search behaviour so that if you're within a forum for example, the search defaults to "This forum", with "Threads" remaining as the second option, instead of "Everywhere". Unfortunately it...
  3. Nerdface

    Add-on Follower statistics

    This is something that I'll probably look at developing myself if nobody else is interested in doing so, but thought I'd make a suggestion in case anyone fancies taking it on and getting it developed quicker.. :) I would like an additional "Followers" statistic, both on the member card and...
  4. Nerdface

    Duplicate Screen resizing issue with Froala editor on FireFox

    Stumbled upon this completely by accident.. :oops: Steps to Replicate: Place the cursor within the editor. Hold Ctrl + Left mouse button. Drag to the left or right and try to highlight some text. Using: FireFox Quantum 66.0.2 (64-bit) This does not appear to happen using Chrome.
  5. Nerdface

    Tidy Profile [Deleted]

    Nerdface submitted a new resource: Tidy Profile - Tidies up the default XenForo user profile. Read more about this resource...
  6. Nerdface closed

    Sadly it seems like whatever health issues are currently affecting @au lait aren't getting any better, and his website is now closed.. :( I'd like to wish him well, and hope that he's well enough to return at a later date.
  7. Nerdface

    XF 2.1 Help turning a code modification to an add-on

    I'm still very much learning the tricks of the trade. I've managed to piece together what I wanted to achieve via a code modification, but I'd like to achieve this as an add-on to save the classic upgrade headaches.. I've basically removed the profile...
  8. Nerdface

    XF 2.1 Template modification switch broken

    I noticed yesterday that when I try and use the switch on any of my template modifications, I get an "Oops! We ran into some problems." error. Unfortunately there is nothing to go on in the browser console, it basically reproduces the page source as a whole error. I can disable them by going...
  9. Nerdface

    Not a bug Incorrect attachment being fetched? Click to View attachment 2779. Now click to Read more about this resource... Strange.. :unsure:
  10. Nerdface

    Tabbed smiley categories on help page

    I've used this tutorial to implement tabbed widgets.. I would now like to achieve similar on my smilies help page, as I'm using categories to offer alternative smilie sets.
  11. Nerdface

    Not a bug Custom user fields don't show unless saved via admincp

    Possibly as designed due to some kind of cache, but if any custom user fields are added by an add-on - they aren't editable in account details until one of the fields are saved via the admincp. I didn't have any custom...
  12. Nerdface

    MG 2.0 Default unmute Facebook embeds?

    This video loads muted by default.. Can it be unmuted by default? :unsure:
  13. Nerdface

    Add-on Avatar/Online user preference setting between 2.0 and 2.1 styles

    Please do not contact me regarding funding development for this add-on, I am suggesting this in case anyone should be interested in developing it and offering it either as a free or paid add-on. I like the styling of the Avatar and Online Status styling on both XF 2.0 and XF 2.1, I don't really...
  14. Nerdface

    Not planned Most referrals on Members page?

    Seems logical, and could spur on existing members to refer their friends. Of course it's open to abuse (as is everything), but perhaps an admin option could be provided to "only include referrals who have more than X posts"? --EDIT-- Did I imagine a...
  15. Nerdface

    507 Insufficient Storage

    I am just about ready to (re-)launch my website, but I am intermittently getting the standard error: Looking at the browser console, the following is reported: <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//IETF//DTD HTML 2.0//EN"> <html><head> <title>507 Insufficient Storage</title> </head><body>...
  16. Nerdface

    Add-on removal - Reason

    A bit of a bugbear is when a resource author opts to remove their resource(s). Which is fair enough, that is their decision.. However, we as users are notified in a reply - and the first question everyone wants answered is why. Whether they're using the resource and ought to consider...
  17. Nerdface

    Fixed Attachment thumbnail changes to full image on post edit 1.) Post and add attachment as thumbnail. 2.) Edit post adding only text, no modification made to attachment. 3.) Save.
  18. Nerdface

    Queries for Node as Public Navigation block

    I've set up a category node with 4 forums as a new navigation item, however this seems to add 4 additional queries (presumably a query per forum?). I don't know if queries are as much of a sore point as they used to be on cough other forum software, but thought I'd enquire. 🤓
  19. Nerdface

    Add-on Member Holiday / Away

    I've remembered an add-on from the vBulletin days where a member could set an option to say that they were away until X, which would then show some kind of alert in both the member's profile and posts that they had made to make other visitors aware. This would automatically expire on X date, or...
  20. Nerdface

    Default Expand Media Categories

    iXanon submitted a new resource: Default Expand Media Categories - Show expanded categories by default on your Media Gallery Read more about this resource...