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  1. Steve Freides

    XF 1.5 Exporting a Thread to DOC

    I've been asked to "convert" a 10-message thread into a document (Word, Google Docs, etc.). Is there a better way than cut-and-paste to do this? Thanks. -S-
  2. Steve Freides

    V 1.5 - Resolution Alert in Reports

    V 1.5 - Resolution Alert in Reports When a user files a Report, and I fill in something where it says Send Resolution/Rejection alert does what I fill in there go to the person who reported the post, the person who authored the post that was reported, neither, or both? Thank you advance. -S-
  3. Steve Freides

    XF 1.5 - Changing Text for ("private")

    When a forum node is configured as a private forum, it says (private) on the main forum menu for unauthorized users. This is by design - we want users to be aware of these areas but only certain people have access to them. I have not been able to find where this expression, (private) is stored...
  4. Steve Freides

    XF 1.5 Alert based on key words?

    Can I somewhere give XF a list of words that would trigger an Alert to me? Thanks. -S-
  5. Steve Freides

    Using Email Forwarder for Forum

    When I inherited our XF 1 installation a few years, the forum used forum@<our_domain> as its email. 2 years ago, I asked for access to this account via Google/Gmail to be able to monitor the email traffic in and out. (I asked for this because, to the best of my knowledge, XF doesn't/didn't...
  6. Steve Freides

    Syncing a WordPress web site and a XF 2 installation

    I am a XF admin and an ex-techie. Brief history: We currently run XF 1.5. Our company began in 2012 with a WP-based web site and their forum software. We switched to XF for our forum in 2015 but continue to use WP for the web site, part of which is blog containing articles that allows for...
  7. Steve Freides

    Tool / Feature / Add-On to Spot Same-Post-Across-Multiple-Forums

    A user on our forum recently pointed out that spammers will post exactly the same thing on multiple forums. My user sent me a screen shot of a Google search - it showed this same text, all posted at about the same time, in a dozen or more different forums on different web sites. Interestingly...
  8. Steve Freides

    XF 1.5 Moderated Posts Don't Show in New Posts

    We have a confirmed behavior - if a post goes into the moderation queue, once it's approved, it does not appear in New Posts for our users. This is unexpected and unwanted behavior - is there a workaround or configuration item we can change? Thanks in advance. -S-
  9. Steve Freides

    XF 1.5 Codes for Editing a Page in the ACP

    I have a page or two I've created in the ACP. The codes seems understandable enough, and HTML of a sort, e.g. <p> <br> I would, however, like to find something equivalent to INDENT in the BB code editor so that I can, e.g., take my page of questions and answers and have all the questions...
  10. Steve Freides

    XF 1.5 What becomes of deleted PM's

    I see deleted posts but not PM's - is there any way to find, short of restoring from a backup, a PM that I inadvertently deleted from my own Inbox? Thanks in advance. -S-
  11. Steve Freides

    XF 1.5 Saving Posts Deleted From Moderation Queue

    We use Spam Cleaner, configured to save the posts in the moderation queue to an Admin-only area rather than delete them. When I have a post in the moderation queue that I want to delete, where does it go? I don't have any opportunity to communicate with the user or save it anywhere, and I can...
  12. Steve Freides

    Does Having a Gmail_Business-based forum@<company_name> email account Break Sending Emails from the ACP?

    I have been frustrated by the apparent lack of records of emails I've sent out through the ACP. To that end, someone at my company HQ who manages their gmail-based email accounts created forum@<company_name> account but as a real account, not just a forwarder. It works for many things, e.g., I...
  13. Steve Freides

    XF 1.5 PM Participant Limit?

    Is there a maximum limit on the number of participants that can participate in a PM? Is this number configurable and, if so, where? I have a small group of users wanting to communicate privately, 7 people at the most recent count, and they're asking if PM is a viable way to do that. Rather...
  14. Steve Freides

    XF 1.5 Can I Do This With a User Promotion?

    We do these three steps about once a month: Run a program outside of XF that compares a spreadsheet of email addresses to our XF user email addresses. If a match is found, the user is added to a "holding" group whose only purpose is to hold these member temporarily while I send them an email...
  15. Steve Freides

    XF 1.5 Fonts in New Posts Display

    I would like to make the name of the node (forum section) used in New Posts appear more prominently, perhaps in a larger font or I'm open to other suggestions. The reason is to prevent mistaken responses to threads in sections a user would otherwise ignore. Thanks in advance. -S-
  16. Steve Freides

    XF 1.5 Exporting EMail List

    We are about to use the ability to email a group of users from within XF for the first time. The recipients will be all members of a specific group. (They are attendees of an event and we are emailing them notice of a private forum created for them.) In ACP -> Users - > Email Users, I can...
  17. Steve Freides

    XF 1.5 Searching Users by Location

    The location field a user fills out contains only a single data element but has anyone tried to search it for, e.g., all the users located in a particular state or country? I noticed that it's not searchable in the ACP. How important is having more detailed location information to other XF...
  18. Steve Freides

    Hierarchy of Groups?

    100 people attended one of our events. I created a group for them, and our programmer added each of them to the new group based on a spreadsheet of email addresses. I used the ACP to send out an email to each member of the group, announcing a special forum section just for attendees of this...
  19. Steve Freides

    Moving Messages Deleted from Moderation Queue

    I am using Spam Cleaner, which I think is an add-on, in my Moderation Queue. I have it configured to, instead of deleting messages, _move_ messages to an admin-only section of the forum. I like this in the interest of completeness - if a Spam Cleaner decision is questioned, we can review the...
  20. Steve Freides

    Searching for exact expressions

    E.g., if I wish to search my forum for Abe Lincoln but don't want matches on only "abe" or only "lincoln", only "abe lincoln", what do I put into the search box? And is there a comprehensive explanation of how this works somewhere online? Thanks in advance. -S-