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  1. mkucuksari

    XF 2.1 Using Foreach with multiple parameter

    I and one of my friend have just started to develop addons. We have a thread list and a custom page. From thread list, by using "foreach" command we want to show 5 thread at the top and 8 thread at the bottom of our custom page. How can we use foreach command with two different class ?
  2. mkucuksari

    XF 2.1 Some Emoji problems after XF-2.1

    Yesterday, I have upgraded my live forum from XF-2.0.12 to XF-2.1.0. Everything seems okey and don't have an error message. But I have just noticed that some emojis posted at before, is not working any more. They are seen as "???" Example-1 : This post is sent before upgrade and the emojiis in...
  3. mkucuksari

    Possible to order 1 Year Extension before it ends?

    My Xenforo-2 license will be expired at 9 Feb 2019. As we all know, there is a good blowout until 2019. What I want to know is, can I buy " 1 Year Extension" now before it expires ? (When I check customer area, it seems...
  4. mkucuksari

    XF 2.0 What is the advantage of using utf8mb4 ?

    Except Emojii support, does utf8mb4 have any advantage when we compare with utf8 ?
  5. mkucuksari

    XF 2.0 Manual Merge Problem for Outdated Templates While Upgrading

    As a new Xenforo user, this is my second upgrade. At first one (from 2.0.2 to 2.0.4) I did not face any problem. But during my last upgrade (from 2.0.4 to 2.0.5) I get the following error message at "forum_post_thread" template for both default and custom style. Oops! We ran into some...