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  1. Lone Wolf

    lsphp5 is taking 40% of my RAM

    Hi. I'm a bit of a luddite. I'm not getting a lot of traffic but my RAM is getting maxed out. I've noticed that about 40% is being used by something called lsphp5, what is it and can I make changes to cut it's usage down?
  2. Lone Wolf

    What's the best way to host a XenForo site with flexible bandwidth?

    I have a site that is normally pretty quiet (100 active users most days) in the off season but can get a lot busier when there is a related event going on (between 300 to 450 active users). I'm paying a lot of money monthly and the site can often be slow or unresponsive. Can anyone recommend a...
  3. Lone Wolf

    XF 1.4 Can you show Page Titles but not page content using permissions?

    I want users to be able to see a page title in the forum list but when they click on the page title I want them to have to login to see the content in the page. I cant get it to work. Is there any way I can set this up using permissions?
  4. Lone Wolf

    Cricistan - A Pakistan Cricket Forum (version 3)

    Cricistan is a forum based around the sport of cricket in general and Pakistan Cricket specifically. The site was started in 2010 as a vBulletin forum with a custom CMS as the homepage solution. In 2012 I created version 2 which involved switching over to XenForo for the forums and WordPress for...
  5. Lone Wolf

    XF 1.4 Awaiting Email Confirmation from Edit

    There is a notice for Users Awaiting Email Confirmation supplied by a phrase. Is it possible to show two different notices for the two different user states, Users Awaiting Email Confirmation and Users Awaiting Email Confirmation from Edit?
  6. Lone Wolf

    XF 1.4 Where can I see which users emails failed to be sent to?

    I just sent an email to all my users and got this message... How do I see which 10 users the email failed to be sent to?
  7. Lone Wolf

    XF 1.4 User Group Promotions Cron Entry

    I set up some new User Group Promotions and want to make them active straight away so I ran the User Group Promotions cron entry. The entry completes straight away with no delay which would indicate it's not doing anything. Also no users are getting promoted to the new user groups.
  8. Lone Wolf

    Can I setup Mandrill with a different domain?

    I want to setup mandrill to send site emails with a different domain (.xyz instead of .com). for example... Site: Mandrill: Does my email address have to be or can it be a Yahoo or Gmail address, etc? What's the nest practise for setting this up...
  9. Lone Wolf

    XF 1.4 Stop Share This Page loading anywhere on XenForo?

    I'm using AddTHis as the social sharing mechanism on my site and only in threads not anywhere else. I still have share this page script loading up on my XenForo pages slowing the loading time down. Is there a way to disable it completely and stop it loading anywhere?
  10. Lone Wolf

    XF 1.4 Why does AddThis load on all my XenForo pages?

    I use AddThis on my forum and it's useful on Threads. I prefer it to the Share This Page options. I have the AddThis option enabled on my ACP as well with the unique AddThis ID. However I've noticed that AddThis is loading on my homepage, my forums list and on my forum pages as well. There's no...
  11. Lone Wolf

    Adsense is heavy on page loading, what's the best way to implement it for lighter page loading?

    I was having problems with page loading and one of the issues seems to be loading adsense. I only have two adverts per page for registered users. One above the breadcrumb and one below the breadcrumb. I have two additional ads for unregistered users. One under the sidebar and one under the...
  12. Lone Wolf

    XF 1.4 Is it possible to mass change attachments?

    I'm using png files as attachments on promoted threads but the png files arent optimised for size. Is it possible for me to just drag and drop the optimised PNG files via ftp onto the relevant directory and overwrite the old PNG files rather than having to individually delete and re-upload each...
  13. Lone Wolf

    Does it help to use subdomains for image and javascript hosting?

    My forum got a 0 score for subdomain usage on a speed test website so I was reading a few guides to see what it was all about. Does it help speed up the website if you load different types of contents from different subdomains? For example... (for attachments and server...
  14. Lone Wolf

    XF 1.4 Different Usergroups colours in different skins?

    My staff usergroup colour is black in the default skin but this doesnt show up in the dark skin. Is there a way around that? Ideally. I'd like to be able to give staff a different username colour in the dark skin.
  15. Lone Wolf

    XF 1.4 I moved the XenForo install folder and now lots of links are broken

    I recently moved my XenForo forum to a new server, in the process I moved the installation from /forums to /root I also had the route changer by @Jake Bunce installed before and now lots of links both internal and incoming are resolving as errors. I have a few examples below... Individual...
  16. Lone Wolf

    XF 1.4 Can you change the display colour for invisible users?

    On our dark skin the invisible users show up as a gray colour which is impossible to see on the dark background. Where do I change their display colour? Also can I disable the invisible function without an addon? If I cant then what's the best addon?
  17. Lone Wolf

    XF 1.4 Registration Email Confirmation Error

    When I register a test account, the confirmation email gets sent fine but when I click on the link in the confirmation email I get the following error... The requested page could not be found. It's not an addon issue because we disabled all listeners and still got the same problem. Any idea...
  18. Lone Wolf

    XF 1.4 Site down with server error.

    My dev site has been down for a couple of days with this error... An unexpected database error occurred. Please try again later. I enabled Debug mode and found the following server error repeated.... Error Info ErrorException: Fatal Error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes...
  19. Lone Wolf

    Add-on Is it possible to have a twitter RSS feed post tweets in an existing thread?

    I've been having a look around XenForo and I cant find an addon that does this. This is what I'm looking for... Say for example you have a sports/events website. And for each game/event there is a game/event thread. No say there is a twitter account or feed which will post related tweets...
  20. Lone Wolf

    XF 1.4 Clarifying how permissions work

    I've always found permissions somewhat perplexing and I think that's because I end up overcomplicating them. I want to clarify how they work XenForo. There is an option called inherit. I understand that forums will 'inherit' from nodes. I also believe that nodes 'inherit' from... ACP --> Users...