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  1. Steffen

    Add an "Unanswered" filter to the "New posts" widget

    I want to show an "Unanswered threads" widget at the bottom of our forum homepage. Building a completely new widget seems to be overkill because a simple addition to the "New posts" widget is all that's needed. Maybe this could ship as part of XenForo? --- a/src/XF/Widget/NewPosts.php +++...
  2. Steffen

    Somewhat confusing / suboptimal handling of QUOTE bb codes by WYSIWYG editor

    Consider the following BB code: Now assume that the user wants to merge both quotes by removing the closing and opening QUOTE tags in the middle (using WYSIWYG mode where he actually doesn't see the I tag). After saving the post, the merge is "magically" undone and the quote is split in two...
  3. Steffen

    Thread view: Add a second "Watch" button below the list of posts

    Please add a second "Watch" button below the list of posts. I think it's quite common to decide that you want to watch a thread when you've arrived at the end of the page. With a second "Watch" button below the post list you wouldn't have to scroll up again to watch the thread.
  4. Steffen

    New reply notifications can be missing as a result of merging threads/posts

    Consider two threads A and B with the last post in thread B being more recent than the last post in thread A. Consider furthermore that a user has completely read thread A but not thread B (or at least not its most recent post). Now, a moderator merges thread B into thread A (or merges the last...
  5. Steffen

    If editing a post sends it (back) to the approval queue then keep the original post visible in the thread

    Editing a post can send it back to the approval queue. The post then vanishes from the thread until until a moderator approves it (in which case it'll reappear). It would be nice if the original version of the post was kept visible in the thread during this period.
  6. Steffen

    Firefox: Drag & Drop of BMP image yields "message is too long" error

    In Firefox, it's possible to drag & drop a BMP image onto the editor. The BMP image is rendered just fine in the editor. But when you attempt to post the message, XenForo shows a misleading error that probably isn't very helpful for the average user: "The submitted message is too long to be...
  7. Steffen

    Don't replace smileys/emojis within words

    For example, writing host:port currently results in :p being replaced by the "stick out tongue" smiley: host:port Ideally, XenForo should detect that in this case the user probably didn't intend :p to be a smiley. It could check whether potential smilies whose "Text to replace" is not delimited...
  8. Steffen

    Design issue Prevent smileys/emojis to be replaced within words

    For example, writing host:port results in :p being replace by the "stick out tongue" smiley: host:port Could XenForo check whether there is a word boundary or whitespace immediately before potential smileys whose "Text to replace" is not wrapped in colons? Original bug report here (in german)...
  9. Steffen

    Fixed Improve margin around [LIST] bb code

    Consider this BB code: Foo List item Bar It results in this post: Could XenForo use the same margin above the list as below the list?
  10. Steffen

    Make the URL in [QUOTE='']…[/QUOTE] clickable

    Sometimes, you don't want to quote a user but a website. It would be useful if XenForo turned the URL in the following example into a link: Originally suggested here (in german):
  11. Steffen

    Please make the order of plus/minus buttons in "Go to page" more intuitive

    Page numbers decrease to the left, and increase to the right. I think it would make sense to reflect this in the order of the plus and minus buttons: Status quo: What I think would be more intuitive: What do you think? :) See also (1)...
  12. Steffen

    Fixed Register form: Use autocomplete="new-password" instead of autocomplete="off" for password field

    While investigating an autofill issue in Chrome 73, I've noticed that XenForo uses autocomplete="off" for the password field in the register form. I'm not aware of specific issues caused by this decision but it'd probably good to follow the recommendation to use autocomplete="new-password" (on...
  13. Steffen

    As designed Upgrading from XenForo 2.1.0 to 2.1.1 disables Markdown

    XenForo 2.1.0 supports Markdown. XenForo 2.1.1 introduces an option "Convert Markdown-style content to BB code" which is disabled by default. Therefore, upgrading from XenForo 2.1.0 to XenForo 2.1.1 auto-disables Markdown support and the admin has to manually enable it again. Maybe this option...
  14. Steffen

    Fixed Unstable URL parameter order in forums with prefixes and a "Thread list date limit"

    Scenario: You have a forum with prefixes and a "Thread list date limit" (such a forum doesn't seem to exist here on Let 42 be the last initially reachable page. Then, on there is a "Show older items" link that...
  15. Steffen

    As designed Markdown: Nested lists are not supported

    It seems like nested lists as shown in the GitHub Markdown Cheat Sheet don't work in XenForo (no matter whether you indent them with 2, 3, or 4 spaces). Nested lists don't seem to be GitHub specific: CommonMark Nested Lists. * Item 1 * Item 2 * Item 2a * Item 2b Item 1 Item 2 * Item...
  16. Steffen

    Fixed Fix JavaScript error "ReferenceError: Notification is not defined"

    XenForo uses "Notification.permission" without checking whether "Notification" is defined. We log this error for a few Firefox users. It seems like they have somehow disabled notifications but pass all the other checks in "XF.Push.isSupported". --- a/js/xf/core.js +++ b/js/xf/core.js @@...
  17. Steffen

    Fixed Add missing "alt" attribute to reaction summary <img> elements

    The img element used to display the reaction summary icons has no alt attribute (all other img elements used by XenForo do have on). Could you please add one? I think it should have the same value as the title attribute.
  18. Steffen

    As designed Is it intended that "inactive" navgroup links are dimmed in the desktop layout but not in the mobile layout?

    In XenForo 2.1, "inactive" navgroup links are still dimmed for wide viewports but when using a smaller viewport, the very same icons are not dimmed anymore in XenForo 2.1. You can see this here on Maybe this was an intentional change to make all four icons have the same color...
  19. Steffen

    Fixed Set attribute in [ATTACH alt="..."] to filename instead of attachment_id

    When you upload an image and insert it into your post then XenForo sets its alt attribute (BB code as well as HTML) to the attachment_id. The result is that all newly uploaded attachments have useless numeric alt attributes. This does not make any sense to me. It furthermore seems bad for SEO...
  20. Steffen

    Not a bug Please add quotes around thread titles in push notifications

    Phrases like "x_replied_to_thread_y_may_be_more", "x_quoted_your_post_in_thread_y" and "x_mentioned_you_in_post_in_thread_y" don't use quotes around the thread title because they have originally been introduced for alerts where the title is highlighted by being a link. However, these phrases are...