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    Default avatars not showing

    Moved my forum to a new server on Friday, just noticed that when a new member signs up the default avatars doesn't show for them. I ran a search for broken images to find the file path, checked the data folder and the image isn't there, checked the avatar folder in the style folder and the...
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    Site Performace

    I recently converted to Xenforo from VB3.8 (mid-may), a few people have mentioned the new forum is a tad slower although can't say I've noticed much difference myself. I checked Google's Webmaster Tools and page loading times have actually increased (see pic). The forum traffic has slowed down...
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    Change all users privacy settings

    What would be the database query where I could change all members privacy settings to: Post messages on your profile page: Members Only What's happened is I converted from vBulletin where I didn't have users visitor messages switched on, I'm guessing because of that when I moved all users...
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    "Go to first unread" Problem

    Sometimes when I click on a multi page thread that I have never read from the homepage, after clicking the "Go to first Unread" link it will only take me to the top of the last page. I've had a couple of complaints from members with the same thing happening to them. Is there anyway I can modify...
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    New Thread Style Help

    Is it possible to float the thread title field to the left? Just feels out of place stuck out on the right, confuses my little brain. Thanks
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    Blank Page on /search/?type=post

    Hi, Just finished moving my site across from vb3.8, all seems to have gone smoothly. One slight problem I'm getting a blank white page when I go to "Search Forums" on the main menu URL: The quick search on the right works fine tho. Any help would be...