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  1. Bolaji

    Add All Registrants from a Particular Source to a Group on Registration?

    Hi guys! So I'm trying to figure out how to add all registrants from a particular source to a group during registration. I'm launching a new eBook to help kick off my forum, in a few hours. And I'd like all those registrants to be tied to a specific group. I plan to launch a few eBooks...
  2. Bolaji

    Watch this thread / Email Notifications" checked by default?

    Hi guys! Question: How do I configure it so that "Watch this thread" and "receive email notifications" are both checked by default, on all posts? I did a search but didn't find this posted in the community. (Please feel free to link me to an existing thread...
  3. Bolaji

    Color palette question: Which swatch elements change what forum sections?

    Hi xenForo-ites! Color palette question. Which color palette swatch elements change: - The main menu (Home, Forums, Members, Help) background color ? - The sub-menu background color? - The forum category header background color? Here's a screen capture of my color palette...
  4. Bolaji

    How do I include javascript on all pages (-ex- in the header)?

    Hi xenForo-ites! I'm brand spanking new. I'd like to include a javascript embed on every page of my browser. (Kinda like Wibiya, but a different one.) Could you let me know where I need to go in the admin interface, to insert this javascript? Thanks!