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  1. aruffell

    XF 1.4 Registration issue on 1.4.1

    Having this issue since updating to 1.4.1: Any ideas?
  2. aruffell

    XF 1.1 Registration issue

    Our forum at is showing an error when you try to register in all browsers. To replicate, please go to sign up and when you press through to the next step, you will get a blank page with an error. The error is "Error 324 (net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE): The server closed...
  3. aruffell

    Fixed RSS Feeder formatting issues

    So trying to set up some RSS feeds and obviously you can have content or description. So I don't want the whole content so am using this: {description} Continue reading... Upon previewing the feed entry, it shows as: Any ideas on getting it to format correctly? Thanks.
  4. aruffell

    Spam bots

    Only installed Xenforo tonight, but already (with recaptcha enabled) we've had about 6 people sign up and start their usual spam. Moved from vb4 over to XF and never had this much spam in such a short space of time. Any ideas on putting an end to this? Many thanks.
  5. aruffell

    Show category instead of thread

    Simple one I hope since playing about with XF and comparing to VBulletin with vbseo. URL Structure is currently but want to ditch the /forums/ and the .137 so it just has welcome which is the forum category name. Next one is a thread, which shows...