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  1. Princeton

    XBOX 360 Wireless Headset

    I just bought a second wireless headset for my sone - both were duds. I don't feel like buying another. Any advice on a durable headset? thanks
  2. Princeton

    How can xenforo compete against the big companies like vBulletin and IPB?

    competition breeds excellence - vbulletin will be forced to create a better product - xenforo will be forced to create a better product In the end, we all win. vbulletin does have the upper hand a trusted brand; even with the current problems people still trust the name member base is huge -...
  3. Princeton

    [Suggestion] Move Editor Under Post Upon Clicking Reply

    Why not move the editor below the post upon clicking Reply? It will make it easier for everyone - no scrolling up/down. It will give Like-ers the option to leave a quick reply.
  4. Princeton

    Implemented Replace Members Page with...

    vBulletin users, check your memberlist.php stats (pageviews, visits, etc). The same applies to those who operate other forum software - go check your member listing page stats. You'll find that the numbers are really low. The Members page on xenForo is no different. Isn't this a waste of...
  5. Princeton

    Why You Can’t Work at Work

    I find this quote fascinating. Jason Fried is the co-founder and President of 37signals. You can read/hear more about it @ What do you think?
  6. Princeton

    Duplicate Alerts - color-coded lists

    To make Alerts easier to scan, it would be great if we could color-code the list. A great way to do this is to place a text label inside a colored box or just color the row. This way, the list becomes easily scannable.
  7. Princeton

    Duplicate - Create New Alerts Option

    I love the Alerts feature but it's becoming unusable. It would be great if we had the ability to display the type of alerts to show. eg. liked, following you, trophy, replied, quoted, etc
  8. Princeton

    [Suggestion] Admin Option: Login As User

    For administrative purposes, can we get a "Login as User" feature?
  9. Princeton

    xenForo - Impressions so far...

    I have to say that I'm very impressed with what I see so far. I like the simplistic approach w/ smaller footprint. But I'm a bit worried that many of the familiar forum UI components/features will be left out. I DO want xenForo to be different but I also want it to make sense to my members...
  10. Princeton

    Not a bug  Number of Discussions/Messages not updating in forum index page

    I'm posting just in case you are not aware of it. The Announcement forums displays 7 Messages yet I could only see 5.
  11. Princeton

    Lack of interest [Suggestion] Replace instances of thread(s)

    I noticed that you are calling threads Discussions/Threads. It's confusing. How about replacing Discussions with Titles? - not every thread will be a "discussion" (also drop all instances of "thread" in the following Thread Title, Thread Start Date, etc ... it's wordy not needed) (staff ...
  12. Princeton

    Implemented Add a sitemap/quick navigation feature

    Please add a site map page feature - the Quick Navigation popup menu is not the preferred choice for many. Think of a large site with 100 or 200+ forums. It just bloats the page. The functions are already available so please provide the option.
  13. Princeton

    Lack of interest Classification System for threads and forums

    Some type of thread classification feature would be great... When creating new thread... Is the thread a suggestion? An article? A question? etc If the tools were in place - it would allow admins to display threads according to "classification". For example... If it's a suggestion thread we...