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    XF 1 Custom Addon Needed - Mailgun Email Validation API Addon

    I would like someone to integrate the Mailgun Email Validation API ( with the xenforo register form send me a pm thanks :)
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    Facebook Drops Adobe Flash For Videos, Uses HTML5 By Default Instead Hopefully xenforo will drop the flash uploader and replace it with a html5 uploader in the next release this is badly needed imho
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    Browser upgrade notices

    Is anyone using this? or anything similar?
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    XF 1.2 Avatar not resizing correctly

    I have just swapped from GD Lib to Imagemagick and having issues with the avatars with gd lib the avatars resized fine, but with imagemagick you can see the issue below
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    RM 1.1 How to remove the tagline?

    I am using the RM for articles and i dont need the tagline How do i remove the tagline from these 2 places? Thanks :)
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    Not a bug iPhone and iPad uploads are displayed sideways

    Images uploaded from iphones and ipads are uploaded sideways. i know there is already a fix here, but this should be a core feature this is 2013 where half my forum traffic is from iphones & ipads whats up K&M? :)
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    Auction Mod Needed $1200

    Hello guys i need an auction mod and some other things building into the resource manager my budget is $1200 Thanks
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    Add-on Custom Addon Needed $1200

    Hello i need to turn the RM into this <removed> I can offer $1200USD thanks :)
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    Add-on Auction Script Needed - $1000

    I need a auction script for xenforo Please contact me via conversations if your interested my budget is $1000 thanks
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    Add-on [Paid Mod $250] Allow large images to be uploaded and then resized

    My forums main focus is on photos but my problem is a lot of users are older and dont understand how to resize images I want to set the max image upload to 2mb per image But i want users to be able to upload photos of any file size and the server should resize them down to 2mb per file...