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    Incorrectly named language

    Apparently, Azeri should be changed to Azerbaijani.
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    Duplicate Last seen: In a moment

    As discussed in Slack. The "In a moment" phrase in this context seems incorrect. This is what is typically seen:
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    Fixed Z-index dropdown menu issue

    As title. Windows 10 / Chrome
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    Introduce a modal window for quoted content

    Copying and passing quoted content on a touch screen device is painful. Typically it requires zooming the screen, positioning the cursor between the brackets (hit and miss), hitting enter a few times to create line breaks, long holding to paste the content, then repositioning the cursor to...
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    Fixed Scrolling not working in prefix and forum search fields

    As title
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    Fixed Clicking on emoji closes account dropdown menu (+ z index issue)

    Two related issues here. When typing a new status from the account dropdown menu, if you click on an emoji, the dropdown closes Then when you open it again and retrigger the emoji, it's behind the dropdown.
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    Push notifications for reports

    I don't think this has been suggested yet? Push notifications for new reports, comments, reopened and assigned reports, etc. would be nice. It would require some changes to the underlying concept and approach, but it would be great to be able to get native push notifications from XF, rather...
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    Allow moderators to comment on reports when they are assigned to another moderator

    Currently, if a report is assigned to a moderator, other moderators are unable to post comments without reassigning the report (then reassigning it back).
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    Fixed BB code parsing error

    This: Is rendering as this: Viewing the content after saving, there is an extra [/CODE] tag:
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    Fixed mod_log.thread_poll_reset phrase missing

    As title.
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    Fixed Incorrect report title for reported profile posts

    When a profile post is reported, the report title is "Profile post for member-x". It should be either "Profile post for member-y" or "Profile post by member-x".
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    XF2 FAQ

    1. ZOMG!11 What's happened to XF? Is my browser broke? No need to be alarmed. We have upgraded the site to the latest version. Welcome to XF2! :cool: 2. Looks good. Where do I download it? A beta release is currently available from the customer area for licenses with active support, but note...
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    Selling and buying second hand licenses

    Although we would prefer that licenses are purchased directly from us, we do understand and appreciate that there is a market for second hand licenses. With that in mind, please ensure that the license you are selling, or buying, is eligible to be transferred. Licenses are eligible to be...
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    PayPal is rolling out TLS 1.2 / HTTP 1.1

    Purchases and upgrades on my sites no longer work due to: Time to switch to SSL I guess. Where's that handy guide ...