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  1. Lukas W.

    Rename "server error log" to "error log"

    As confusing unexperienced administrators is not a bug, here the suggestion then. Rename the XenForo ACP "Server" error log to not contain the word "Server". In fact, it does not store server errors but php errors, so the name is not only confusing for inexperienced users, but also technically...
  2. Lukas W.

    Not a bug Name "Server error log" advertises wrong functionality

    Maybe a mood point, but from our experience the XenForo ACP error log should not be named "Server error log". We frequently have to explain to clients that it does not, as the name advertises, log/contain all server errors.
  3. Lukas W.

    Browser issue RTL add-on list titles

    Noticed this on a client website today. On the add-on list, add-ons that have their titles first letter a [ will show a weird formatting, where the bracket ends up at the end of the title in mirrored form: Not sure if this is something that can be solved with CSS or is just a downside of...
  4. Lukas W.

    Template compiler variable setting

    Running the following template modification: Template: admin:helper_criteria Search: /(<xf:foreach loop="\$customFields".*>.*<\/xf:option>)(\s*<\/xf:checkboxrow>)/sU Replace: $1 <xf:set var="$fieldName"...
  5. Lukas W.

    Partial fix Markdown conversion issues

    A few bugs/issues with the markdown conversion. I know some of them depend on the spec one uses, but from a user perspective, I'd probably expect all of them to work. Single bullet point items are not converted to lists. Example: - A Example: A B Numeric listings are not converted to...
  6. Lukas W.

    XF 2.1 Nested inputs / input disabler

    Got the following markup: <xf:checkboxrow> <xf:option name="my_option" label="My Label" hint="My Hint"> <xf:select name="my_nested_select" hint="My nested select hint" explain="My nested select explain">...
  7. Lukas W.

    Emojis as reactions

    Having a limited set of reactions doesn't seem to be timely anymore. Modern platforms such as discord or slack use a full emoji set as reactions, including all unicode emojis, and any custom emojis. Sometimes, the given 5, 10 or 15 reactions are just not enough. Content varies, and so do...
  8. Lukas W.

    Per-user emojis, restricted emoji access and emoji sharing

    Most modern platforms allow their users to upload and user their own emojis for use across the platform, such as Twitch channel emotes, discord server emotes, telegram & line sticker packs, etc. This suggestion basically consists out of two (and a half) parts: The capability for users to...
  9. Lukas W.

    XF 2.1 Emoji autocomplete only starts working after emoji menu was opened at least once

    As title. I guess this might've been done on purpose rather than being a code bug, but I think it's a usability bug either way. No user can be expected to understand that autocomplete only starts working after he opened the emoji menu at least once, and no popular program behaves like that either.
  10. Lukas W.

    Fixed Field adder and browser input suggestions

    Using the browsers input field suggestions in conjunction with the field-adder will result in the new field being pre-populated with the previously selected value. Emptying the field will then generate an additional new field.
  11. Lukas W.

    Fixed Style property value grouping first header missing

    It appears the first header of a value group is not being displayed, dropping potential information for no obvious purpose. Default style: Style with additional custom properties:
  12. Lukas W.

    As designed Style property value grouping phrases

    It appears to be impossible to use the new style property value grouping for theme-specific style properties without an attached add-on, as you're otherwise unable to ship the phrase for the group name.
  13. Lukas W.

    Duplicate Install from Zip with root folder files

    Add-ons that ship files to the root folder currently fail on "Install/upgrade from archive" with File does not appear to be a valid add-on archive as expected.
  14. Lukas W.

    Fixed Dropdown/toolbar layout - no feedback on existing item drops

    Dropping existing items into the toolbar results in them being quietly dropped instead of being added. There should be some kind of feedback for the user as to why the item was not added has he might've expected. I found it highly confusing and it took me a good portion of time to figure out...
  15. Lukas W.

    Fixed Container addon.cache not updating properly

    Since the update to 2.1.0 Beta, the addon.cache seems to not update properly anymore. I currently have the following add-ons enabled: ThemeHouse/UIX ThemeHouse/XBridge ThemeHouse/XPress XFRM XFMG Dumping the add-on cache doesn't show the UIX add-on: array(5) { ["ThemeHouse/XBridge"]=>...
  16. Lukas W.

    Fixed No "add dropdown" button

    New BB code button manager page is missing an "add dropdown" button or similar. Adding seems to be only accessible by directly typing the route into the address bar at the moment, or I'm missing the actual spot where it's located.
  17. Lukas W.

    As designed Mobile online indicator

    Seems like the mobile view online indicator is slightly out of place. Looks fine for round avatars, but I can imagine it being slightly weird for cornered ones.
  18. Lukas W.

    As designed Native vs. custom emojis

    I've noticed that, while some places (BB Code areas entirely, I assume) use the custom BB Code font, other areas (such as thread titles) do not. I think this behavior creates a discrepancy where emoji style can vary greatly (such as in the case of flags). Makes me wonder if it wouldn't be better...
  19. Lukas W.

    As designed Emoji menu rendering phases

    Opening the emoji menu on a mobile device results in a number of rendering phases, all in all taking sometimes several seconds to load, where first the pop-up will load, then the HTML structure inside of it, then the native emoji font and then the custom emoji font. All in all this seems a bit...