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  1. Jkay

    Add-on A sendgrid api integration to notice users update emails

    I would need it too for Xenforo 2.1
  2. Jkay

    Amazon SES and Xenforo

    Hello everyone, I read the discussion and I seemed to understand that many have the problem that configuring the main domain with the related MX record of amazon SES can not share the functioning of incoming mail with the previous service in use (eg Exchange , Gmail, etc) Correct? And if...
  3. Jkay


    any news?
  4. Jkay - XenForo Monthly Maintenance services

    They migrated from Vb5 Cloud to XenForo 2 without the slightest problem. Redirect included. Excellent.
  5. Jkay

    Multiple Node creation!

    I have to create a new structure in a forum. I need to create a structure with many car models and related sub-forums. Example: Mercedes A Class -Engine -Tuning -Exhaust -Suspension -Etc -Etc Mercedes B Class -Engine -Tuning -Exhaust -Suspension -Etc -Etc Mercedes C Class -Engine -Tuning...
  6. Jkay

    XenForo 2.x Italian Translation

    Hi I downloaded and installed. But phrases or words like Today At:, New profile post, etc etc as you can see in the attachment, are missing or I installed it badly?
  7. Jkay

    [Nobita] Image Optimizer for XF 1.5.x [Paid]

    crontab? how did you do?
  8. Jkay

    [Nobita] Image Optimizer for XF 1.5.x [Paid]

    Hi guys, has anyone had problems with the scheduling slowness? I mean that: even if you set 10 images per minute or every 5 minutes, the optimizations start a little when they want them, random. If so how did you solve it?
  9. Jkay

    XF 1.5 Missing "name" at Webmaster Tools at posts made by guests (removed accounts)

    I finally solved by developing an add-on that system this bug.
  10. Jkay

    XF 1.5 Image in sitemap google index

    I understand, but the problem is that are indexed very slowly and poorly.
  11. Jkay

    XF 1.5 Image in sitemap google index

    Hello everyone, I have maybe a problem with sitemap relating to images. I have made available to all visitors (including visitors or bots) the forum attachments. I have about 92,000 pictures attached, according to what he says Attachment Browser xenForo. Look at the image that I enclose, I...
  12. Jkay

    Implement AMP Project framework

  13. Jkay

    Add-on [paid] deleted users implementation of meta data

    Hello to all, as you can see in the attached picture, I need that every user with no existing profile has itemprop "NAME" to point to a single user who will be indicated. Working example: <a href="members/asgabry.12174/" class="username" dir="auto" itemprop="name"> AsGabry </a> These are the...
  14. Jkay

    Add-on [PAID] H1 and Title Tag custom

    Hello, I 'm looking for someone that develop this addon, obviously paid: 1> the ability to change the H1 Title of each node (forum) or child forum, and category: example: if I have a child forum called "MOTOR" in the parent forum "Fiat 500" users will see the H1 title change "MOTOR" only when...
  15. Jkay

    Add-on Minimum Thread Title Length

    I'm interested if it is available, the developer can contact me?
  16. Jkay

    Not a bug Duplicate Title Issue With Webmaster Tool - Xenforo Forum

    Bugs or no bugs, it's something that should be repaired. at this point I do I develop a plugin from someone, that allows me to set (manually) the h1 and title tag, in each section of the forum
  17. Jkay

    Not a bug Duplicate Title Issue With Webmaster Tool - Xenforo Forum

    Same problem. you must give us a chance in the node configuration to place SEO Title, which will be different from the node name. This change is very important, I hope to see him as soon as possible.
  18. Jkay

    Corp. - Metro nodes and on-canvas sidebar [Paid]

    Hello, we are using this theme for six months now, but we have of locating leaks on google. Perhaps because of its structure it is not the best in SEO? For example, we created a new section of the forum from 6 months, if I search on google the name is not even shown. Has anyone encountered the...