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  1. oO5 Dynasty

    XF 1.5 Was looking for help with a profile custimization.

    I was trying to implement this on my profile page, but the only issue i ran into was with Tabs that are not in this tutorial. So i do not know how to code, but i still was trying to read it anyways. From what...
  2. oO5 Dynasty

    XF 1.5 Having trouble adding another Admin to my site.

    I have no idea how or why i am receiving this error when i try to ad an admin. any help would be greatly appreciated. Server Error Log Error Info Zend_Db_Statement_Mysqli_Exception: Mysqli statement execute error : Field 'last_note_viewed' doesn't have a default value -...
  3. oO5 Dynasty

    XF 1.5 Change the Height of member profile pages, but keep responsive ability working correctly?

    So i was wondering how could i change the height of profile pages to a certain height. With doing this i just want to make sure the profile page still works correctly when it comes to being responsive etc. Is their a simple css edit i can put into extra.css or a template modification i can do...
  4. oO5 Dynasty

    XF 1.5 I have a question about Facebook style News Feed on our xenforo boards.

    This is random thinking, but I was wondering if the News Feed that sits in the middle of your profile page on facebook, is something that could be done inside xenforo. I was wondering this because i know people are use to that feature, and would the Recent Activities tab that is located on our...
  5. oO5 Dynasty

    Member Cards 2018!

    So i was on Affinity Photo's community Forum and on their site, for the members cards it showed their avatar along with their Profile cover. It seems like a very well coded Members card because it also fades in and out, and was wonder if a developer on xenforo would look into doing this type of...
  6. oO5 Dynasty

    Looking to get into Coding, etc, so I can Custom design add-ons for my site. Any suggestions on how i can start to learn this Process?

    So I would like to learn how to code/ develop add-ons for my site instead of pay a lot of money for others to create custom work. Any information would be helpful, in order for me to take on line classes or even free tutorials on how to become a developer. Since their are tons of add-on...
  7. oO5 Dynasty

    XF 1.5 Was wondering how to save my Categories, threads, and post if i wanted to start my forum over again.

    So I wanted to start my forum design from scratch, but do not want to get rid of the threads etc. How would i go about saving the Categories, and threads, so i can start over with a fresh install of xenforo. Then after i finish installing xenforo, i would like to bring back those threads so i...
  8. oO5 Dynasty

    Side bar toggle option

    Was wondering if their was a way to toggle or move the sidebar blocks, to open up the middle section more. Would rather the people who goes to the media page to have their attention on only the media. If they want to look at the sidebar content they can choose to have it open up or something.
  9. oO5 Dynasty

    Add-on Was wondering if this kind of add-on was in the works

    was wondering if any developer had this kind of add-on in the works or if it could be done. on they have a Alert section where you receive special alerts from twitch. I think it would be totally cool to have this for xenforo, where you can post images etc... in this Alert section for...
  10. oO5 Dynasty

    Noticed the videos have one size unless you go full screen mode. I kind of think this view is too big. Was wondering if their was a way to choose the size you want to watch the video in. On i think they have 3 different views. First view Theater Mode Full screen view.
  11. oO5 Dynasty

    Was Wondering......

    What other Core add-ons will come with X2. ( Meaning X2 and Beyond ) So right now we have XenForo Media Gallery XenForo Resource Manager XenForo Enhanced Search Just wondering if another Major Core Add-on is in thought for the future of the software. I do not mind getting add-ons from...
  12. oO5 Dynasty

    Was wondering if the audio

    Could Auto play on profile pages?
  13. oO5 Dynasty

    Looking for a really good blog or article add-on.

    Any suggestions? Looking for a real blog tho.
  14. oO5 Dynasty

    XF 1.5 Was wondering what is this new effect youtube has on their comments now? Now when you comment on youtube it has an animated bar that underlines your comment. Anybody know what this effect is and where i can learn more about it. Something i might look into adding to my site.
  15. oO5 Dynasty

    XF 1.5 how to add links to members visitors panel

    In the drop down menu that has all the use full links, i wanted to add some more links to help out users. Is their an add-on that does this or can somebody tell me how to manually do this.
  16. oO5 Dynasty

    XF 1.5 How to position the buttons on top of the image in flexslider

    So i wanted to recreate this flex slider with the navigation is over the pictures to the left of the box. Screen shot: Demo of it in action: I was told it was...
  17. oO5 Dynasty

    XF 1.5 Having a issue on profile pages. Non Clickable Drop down menus

    Having a issue on profile pages. So i want to disable trophies from displaying in the middle of the profile pages. Their is an option to move them to the side bar. This is something i am cool with doing, but when i move them to the side bar or disable them from showing on the profile page in...
  18. oO5 Dynasty

    Was wondering if i would be able to post a resource which showcases logo design

    So I wanted to help Website owners out with logos, but wanted to post this as a resource. Reason was to keep updating the resource with new logos that i create for board members. Also to have a place where i can showcase what i am doing. If not it is cool, just wanted to ask before i tried to...
  19. oO5 Dynasty

    Add-on Fluid background image Add-on! (Profiles, Forum List, Threads, Pages)

    Basically i am looking for an add-on that delivers Fluid Scrolling background images to the entire site. Profile Pages which allows members who have permissions to add a cool background image to their page. Then the admin have the ability to add Background images to the Forum List Threads...