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  1. Awesome_one

    Help Needed Imediatly

    hi im new to xenforo dont really know anything im using this addon called custome bbcode manager im trying to create a bbcode but i dont know whats html to use for tags like in vbulletin {param} is for tags can someone help me ? what is for tags for more deatails this is the code i use in...
  2. Awesome_one

    forum discription display outside instead in hover

    How can I make the description of a forum section display outside instead of mouse hover what I'm trying to say is that like I want to put images in the description with HTML and I want them to display just under neath the forum text instead of it displaying in mouse hover thnkx I hope someone...
  3. Awesome_one

    how to put cetegorys after a forum ?? need help

    i need help how can i put categorys after a forum that will display on homepage like this im new to xenforo please help