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  1. Mike

    Third party BB Editor: Can't finish [list] inside [spoiler] (inside [list])

    So I can't reproduce the exact behavior of what you've showed (where the spoiler close moves up), but I can now reproduce an issue that is specific to the nested list situation you're demoing -- it doesn't apply if the spoiler itself isn't in a list. This is an underlying bug in the RTE we use...
  2. Mike

    Duplicate Smilie replacement at existing smilies

    See: This is changed in 2.1.1.
  3. Mike

    Fixed Unusual behaviour of xf:numberbox

    First, I can't reproduce the stepDown error on any browser (Chrome, FF, Edge or IE11). It may have been a temporary browser bug, or perhaps there's more to your form that leads to that. In terms of the behavior with an empty value, this is generally an internal browser behavior as we use the...
  4. Mike

    Third party BB Editor: Can't finish [list] inside [spoiler] (inside [list])

    This isn't really exactly solveable at this time. Technically, the BB code is very likely correct for the way it is submitted via the editor, though it may not be what's intended. Fundamentally, it's a difficulty with mixing block-level "raw" BB code with real markup. For example if you have...
  5. Mike

    Browser issue Log-in overlay in responsive screen widths indents the right margin of the page

    This is really related to your use of the development tools on this page. Notice that the scrollbar behavior changes when the window resizes: it goes from having an actual width to the style that overlays the page (which means it's effectively 0px wide). We detect this when the page loads and...
  6. Mike

    Partial fix Markdown conversion issues

    We have made a few changes here, but that's all we're planning on changing at this time. We may consider more significant changes in future releases. Notably, we have made changes to triple backtick parsing to be somewhat less particular (and to try to be more intelligent at detecting what the...
  7. Mike

    Not a bug Incorrect attachment being fetched?

    If you click through to the purchase URL, it takes you to a resource on the author's site. Looking at the source there, the attachment ID on his site is 2779. So the author pasted the BB code from his site into the resource here when he submitted it, which is what the first post picked up. I...
  8. Mike

    Duplicate \XF\BbCode\ProcessorAction\AutoLink :: filterString produces invalid URL tags

    Almost positive this is a duplicate: (Though the title of the other bug isn't really correct.)
  9. Mike

    Fixed Batch Update Threads: first post reaction score range default incorrect

    In this case, what you're explaining is intentional. Unlike the reply count and view count, the reaction score can be negative, so -1 can't really be used as a sentinel value. However, it looks like it's defaulting to 0 and 1, which is a problem as that then causes a constraint on the results...
  10. Mike

    Fixed Custom BBCode and quick save

    I can't reproduce this, though it's possible that there's another bug fix in 2.1.1 that is relevant (related to template caching). As a test, you may be able to switch the master version to: <xf:set var="$templater" value="{{ templater() }}" /> <span style="color: red">{{ $content | raw }} [{{...
  11. Mike

    Cannot reproduce User able to get around required registration field.

    Was it just this user? Do you have any add-ons that might allow registration themselves? A good example might be something like Tapatalk. This isn't something I've managed to reproduce.
  12. Mike

    XF 2.1 Increasing the size of embedded videos

    No, this is roughly what's expected -- the CSS has priority. The HTML size would be applied if the CSS isn't applied for some reason. If you want to override for specific sites, you can change the width at the bbMediaWrapper element level (via style="width: 800px" for example).
  13. Mike

    XenForo Redirects for vBulletin

    If the old URLs still work -- as in, the old forum is still there -- then that presumably means that all of the old files are in place. You'd need to move them out so that the "source location" files from this will be used.
  14. Mike

    XF 2.1 How to Disable receive email notifications

    There isn't anything that would completely block that option out.
  15. Mike

    Few questions about Enhanced Search

    Just Elasticsearch itself.
  16. Mike

    XF 2.1 Bounce connection error: cannot login, user or password wrong

    There isn't really anything we can say beyond what the error message says. We couldn't connect to the bounce mail handler with the details you specified. You should confirm that they're correct and that it's possible to connect to the server from PHP.
  17. Mike

    XF 2.1 Can't get preview element

    Yes, I've changed this for 2.1.1.
  18. Mike

    XF 2.1 W3Org - Nu Html Checker found error

    Looks like the language you're using doesn't have a language code specified. You can set this by editing the language.
  19. Mike

    XF 2.1 How to Disable receive email notifications

    See the "Default registration values" option (use the search in the upper right of the control panel to go to it). You can change the default values for various user options there.
  20. Mike

    XF 2.0 Uploading images through the admin panel

    This isn't something we expose in the control panel.