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  1. Chris D

    XF 2.1 Unsecure warnings from images for URL unfurl

    This is what the image proxy feature is for. If you do not have it enabled, then you should have it enabled in order to ensure they can be served without problem.
  2. Chris D

    Awaiting feedback Return HTTP 503 causes XenForo to be virtually unusable behind a loadbalancer

    A no permission page doesn't give a 503, because that would be an inappropriate response code. No permission gives a 403 "Forbidden" or 401 "Unauthorized" response. It's a bit of a strawman argument. We still 100% stand by the fact that 503 is correct. The "service" is your forum and there are...
  3. Chris D

    Awaiting feedback Return HTTP 503 causes XenForo to be virtually unusable behind a loadbalancer

    It’s the appropriate response code because it means “Service unavailable”. Your load balancer would need to be configured somehow to accept it.
  4. Chris D

    MG 2.1 What are these numbers counting?

    Run the Category rebuild under Tools > Rebuild caches. The counts should reflect the number of items in the category.
  5. Chris D

    Not a bug Login as User Errors

    That sounds like you are using a user to enable you to log in as different users. This isn't functionality within the software so you will need to speak to the add-on author for support.
  6. Chris D

    XFMG: is it an internally designed part of XF?

    Buy XenForo® now! It's an official XenForo product, developed by XenForo Ltd.
  7. Chris D

    Not a bug Smilies or Smileys?

    I don't think we'll be reaching an agreement here, so all I can recommend is that you change it on your own installation if you feel that the word "Smiley" and "Smileys" is more appropriate. There's little point in discussing it further as I'm sure we all have better uses for our time :)
  8. Chris D

    mod_rewrites rules conflicting for subfolder

    We aren't able to provide support for your Node.js app. As above, the default .htaccess should not affect anything (and in my testing with PHP, HTML or other applications entirely, doesn't).
  9. Chris D

    Not a bug Smilies or Smileys?

    With all due respect, we're not trying to teach you English. This is just, in our interpretation, the correct plural. Though I need to add that I slightly misspoke earlier. We do not recognise "Smiley" to be the singular of "Smilies". We don't actually use the word "Smiley" anywhere in the...
  10. Chris D

    Not a bug Smilies or Smileys?

    "Misleading". Hmm. I'm not sure about that. I agree that the spelling is debatable, but in English, there's quite a lot of precedent for the plural of smiley (as a noun) to be smilies. What is the plural of Berry? Berries, not Berrys. The plural of Possibility is Possibilities, not...
  11. Chris D

    What do I do?

    Threads you have started - if they are deleted, it deletes all posts within. That's a loss of potentially valuable content to the forum, to the users who posted them, to finding the site through Google. Posts you have created - if they disappear, there will be holes in the discussion which...
  12. Chris D

    What do I do?

    That's fine but you posted it in XenForo Questions & Support which isn't really an appropriate place as it's not related to XenForo or something we can provide support with. FWIW our policy here is generally the same as Jon mentions. We're not going to delete content that does not contain any...
  13. Chris D

    XenForo Enhanced Search 2.1.1 Errors

    See our response here for a possible explanation:
  14. Chris D

    mod_rewrites rules conflicting for subfolder

    We don't have any official support advice for this, so you would be better working towards a solution with cPanel or a server/hosting admin. The default .htaccess doesn't by default affect sub-directories being accessible so something else must be at play.
  15. Chris D

    What do I do?

    This is something you would have to take up with the operators of that site directly. We can't get involved with that here.
  16. Chris D

    XF 2.1 XenForo 2.1.0 Video Uploads query

    XenForo doesn't ask the phone to do anything at all. The "Take Photo or Video" and "Photo Library" menu is entirely coming from the phone and that is just the automatic behaviour when an HTML file upload input is clicked. Once you have chosen something, the phone essentially streams the data to...
  17. Chris D

    XF 2.1 XenForo 2.1.0 Video Uploads query

    I don't really have any comment. We just upload the file that the device gives us. It suggests that the Camera app might be simply producing differently compressed files in different scenarios.
  18. Chris D

    XF 2.1 Some users have no access to the formatting ribbon

    Just click the orange button to reactivate the advanced editor buttons.
  19. Chris D

    XF 2.1 ErrorException: Push notification failure: {"success":false,"endpoint":{},"message":"Client error: `POST https:\/\/

    406 Not Acceptable is actually a rate-limiting measure which I think is only used by Microsoft push subscriptions. We are no longer logging these as of XF 2.1.3 but for now, you can safely ignore them.
  20. Chris D

    XF 2.1 Can someone explain what the pipe symbol does?

    Correct. But that's not why it is used here. It's used in templates to access a templater filter. A templater filter is used generally to translate a value. In this case we take a numerical value like {$thread.reply_count} and run it through our number filter. This filter is what turns a...