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    [DBTech] DragonByte Credits [Paid]

    (pre-sales question) Can credits also be purchased using Stripe?
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    MMO Tooltips

    WoW tooltips not working for me on XF 1.5.9 and PHP 7.0. Anyone else have this issue?
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    Mass Delete Spam Users

    Would be great. Also have loads of accounts with spam in their Profile, which are not picked up by this plugin :(
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    Minecraft Avatar [Paid] [Deleted]

    This looks fun, purchased :)
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    Throw a dice [Paid] [Deleted]

    Same here, this looks very cool, but can only add this with proper permissions settings.
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    [bd] Rotating Ads

    Was just coming here to request this exact same thing ^ :P
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    [XFR] User Albums

    Would love support for: Or is it already possible to use that sidebar?
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    Fixed Deleting specific usergroup leads to timeout

    15k or so, worked for me. You using PHP-FPM? Perhaps your PHP is too slow, but then higher values should work.
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    [TH] Library

    Did 1.1.2b fix this? I can't really tell from the changelog...
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    Fixed Deleting specific usergroup leads to timeout

    I didn't see any "resolved" here, but this worked for me: In php.ini: Higher if needed.
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    Google Table Generator

    How would I do this: I don't see an option in the BBCode manager to "disable HTML parsing" :(
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    Aurora - [Deleted]

    Holy moly that was quick, I just posted that when I realized how easy it was to edit, sorry, new to XF :P
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    Aurora - [Deleted]

    For unregistered users it says by default: "Welcome to! Log in or Sign up to interact with the aurora community."
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    Donation Manager [Paid] [Deleted]

    My 2cents for a Xenporta widget, would be great!
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    Forum location

    I'd like to confirm this, been stuck on this issue a few times. Moving the XF folder can lead to issues when running PHP-FPM + APC, so if you have that issue, restart it!
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    Conversation Essentials [Paid]

    Silly Paypal...bring it back please :(
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    vBulletin 4 Importer

    I think whoever runs Xenforo can send you a donation on my part, as this importer is the only reason I could switch to Xenforo from vBulletin ;)
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    Not a bug Possible bug with avatars

    I can confirm the edit to Avatar.php actually SOLVES the issue, not just hide the error.