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  1. That One Guy

    Never enough time.

    Never enough time.
  2. That One Guy

    Zend server installation

    Working great for me as well. Nice treat coming at the end of a rather hellish week.
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    Zend server installation

    I would be fine with running in ISAPI except for the fact that every time there's an upgrade / fix / whatever I'd probably have to diddle with it again. Over the years I've found that working with the default / recommended configuration is the best way for me to go unless I intend to become a...
  4. That One Guy

    Zend server installation

    I mucked with this off and on for the past several days. Have made no progress. Hopefully MS will have a solution or XF will code it in such a way that it works regardless of platform. It's the only thing I've found so far that is keeping me from deploying my sites.
  5. That One Guy

    Zend server installation

    Hmmm...I'm using Zend Server Community Edition. Is it possible to reconfigure PHP within Zend? If so I haven't found it yet.
  6. That One Guy

    Zend server installation

    Has anyone made any progress on this issue? I'm trying to figure out how to turn off FastCGI but not having any luck due to my lack of familiarity with all of this.
  7. That One Guy

    Zend server installation

    It's an imperfect world. Configuring and using the beta I'm learning tons. Had they called this "Gold" code I'd be irritated or worse but if this is the largest issue I run into then life is good.
  8. That One Guy

    Zend server installation

    Can't open it. It shows to be attached to the post but does not open when clicked.
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    Zend server installation

    Swee...install of Beta 2 went great for me on a new 2008 R2 64 bit server with IIS 7.5, Zend Community Edition (PHP 5.3.3) and MySQL 5.1.51. Now the real fun begins - configuring the forum, creating categories, etc. I've never set up a forum from scratch before.
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    Joke thread

    Two men are sitting drinking at a bar at the top of the Empire State Building. The first man turns to the other and says, "You know, I've discovered that if you jump from the top of this building, by the time you fall to the 10th floor, the winds around the building are so intense they carry...
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    What are you listening to?

    As usual, the voices in my head.
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    I thought this got destroyed in Mount Doom years ago!
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    Zend server installation

    Just a note of thanks to everyone contributing to this thread. I ran into the same problem (W2K8 R2 / 64 bit / IIS 7.5 / Zend Community Edition with PHP 5.3.3 / MySQL 5.1.51) and while I'd certainly prefer to have the forum up I at least know that my situation isn't unique and that there will be...
  14. That One Guy

    I wonder how many licenses were sold in the first 24 hours

    If I were running XF I don't think I'd release this info, but I do wonder how many licenses of XF were sold during the initial 24 hours. I hope the folks that run XF make a ton of $$ from this product and enjoy the ride along the way.
  15. That One Guy

    Has anyone gone against recomendations?

    I'm going to go live with my new site, but then again this first one is going to be restricted to about 25 friends and acquaintances. I see it as a good opportunity to learn since I've never administered a forum before.
  16. That One Guy

    XenForo Beta 1.0.0 Beta 1 Released!

    I got my two licenses! Thanks XenForo!
  17. That One Guy

    Internet Brands claims against XenForo

    Unfortunate. And predictable. But it won't stop me from buying a couple of licenses as soon as it goes on sale.
  18. That One Guy

    Do you plan to run XenForo beta live?

    I will be using it live on for at least one new site, probably two. Neither will be open to the general public though - one is for a homeowners association and one is just for my friends and me to communicate privately. I have a third site I want to do as well but it will need production level...
  19. That One Guy

    Woot! Pricing and Release info :D

    Personally I don't think they should even be providing a reactivation option. $140 up front, $40 per year after - that's an incredible value for a product like this given that it will help me create a new online community. I'm so jazzed about the release of XF. I'm going to buy at least two...
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    Expensive $100 + BETA -

    I have tried at four or five free forum packages. None were acceptable - all of them had a poor end user experience, were buggy, performed poorly and/or were too difficult to implement and administer. So I will pass on any of the free products myself. XF looks to me like it will be a steal at...