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    XF 1.4 Any way to fix attachments not having an extension?

    RSS, Facebook and other such things don't recognize xenforo's links to attached images as true images. I'm surprised I haven't seen more discussion abut this. Is there any way to get the full, standard old-fashioned links to the attached image (with extensions at the end)? Can we use .htaccess...
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    Several Style Properties improvements

    Remove hard-coded CSS: body .message .newIndicator { margin-right: .... }. Let it be assigned via Style Properties. Remove hard-coded CSS: .linkGroup .Popup a { padding: .... }. Let it be assigned via Style Properties. Add Style Properties to target the breadcrumb link. Add more flexible...
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    Using the built-in Report system versus the old Forum-for-reports method

    Which style of reporting do you use? What are the pros and cons of each? I can think of the old method having an advantage that you can check all existing moderation issues just by browsing a forum, without special buttons to bring you special Moderation details. On the other hand, the new...
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    Awaiting feedback Alerts not reliably working with watched threads

    I have had this happen several times: I watch a thread, but don't get any alerts when it has been replied to. Only by going through the "New Posts" do I later discover that there were actually new posts there since the last time I had seen it. Is this happening to anyone else?
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    Implemented Maintain strong non-JavaScript support

    One of the best features of Xenforo 1.1x was its strong, purely HTML/CSS based frontend. JavaScript was nice if you liked it, and optional if you didn't. For security reasons JavaScript is an absolute nightmare, and it was amazing that XF, such a modern zippy system put in a lot of effort to...
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    XF dev questions

    Had two questions in particular but left the title more general in case others appear later. Not having developed addons for XF myself, I would like to ask this: Is this the correct understanding of how an addon is installed? read the included XML into the db, & remove it from local-storage...
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    Lack of interest Load notices in the order they're drawn on screen

    Noticed this especially on a mobile device, never really noticed it on the PC. Basically the page loads, you start scrolling with your finger, then the screen (small phone display) gets jolted, when the notices load in. Ideally you would like to see page elements loaded in the order in which...
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    Not planned Prevent direct add-on access to the database

    Add-ons create sql tables they need for their usage. When they are uninstalled however, there can remain orphan sql tables. Instead all database access should filter through the XF engine. The addon would invoke a function like xen_create_table("tablename"). This would allow XF to keep track of...
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    Lack of interest Being able to filter New Posts

    I don't know about others but I think, after a time, it becomes less usable to click New Posts, because most of the screen space may be taken up by the the Resources threads. You may want to keep up only with what's happening on the forum proper, and not get bombarded by Resource thread updates...
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    As designed Surrounding some smileys with parentheses breaks the smiley

    :)rolleyes:) See the source for this post.
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    Fixed Quoted-post length limiter triggers on a short post

    If the quoted post is long enough to trigger the 'length limiter', but short enough to not expand the block of quote, then label to 'see more' will appear but clicking it will do nothing. See this post for a good case:
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    Not a bug Thread sorting is not saved correctly

    This is most visible in the HYS forum. 1) All threads on the first page of HYS have been read, they have the non-bold font and everything. 2) I look at the sorting at it for some reason was set to "by Start Date" and not "by Last Message". I set it to "by Last Message", and that seems to work...
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    As designed Issue with 'Test Permissions' in AdminCP

    When you use the "test permissions" in AdminCP, it doesn't apply entirely correct permissions. It may be actually applying some permissions from the administrator who is testing that user. To test, suppose you have the following structure: Category A +--Forum1 (private) ... +--Forum2...
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    Moderated posting

    Hi all, it's possible to discourage a certain user, etc, but is it possible to place all of his posts under moderation, where they have to be approved by a Mod before being posted?
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    Awaiting feedback Error parsing links in quotes

    If a quoted post has a URL as the last element in it, the [/ quote] will be included as part of the link. See the second post for confirmation. http://www.xenforo.com.
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    Fixed In-page navigation not adding correctly to browser history

    Ideally, this should be the use-case: 1) User is reading some post X, on a page. 2) User clicks the in-page navigation Up arrow, and browser slides to the cited post. 3) User can click the Back button, and return to the post he was viewing in step1. Step3 is where it currently fails. To...
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    Not a bug Insert Link disabled in v1.1.2

    The 'insert link' button is disabled in the WYSIWYG editor. Any particular reason? It's disabled here on Xenforo as well.
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    Hardening the xF installation

    Is there a thread that deals with the question of hardening your xF installation? Specifically I mean, whether we should do anything regarding: -the /install directory -the /data and /internal_data directories -correctly using robots.txt (if at all) -correctly using .htaccess (if at all)...
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    Browser-specific CSS features

    Is it recommended to still use browser-specific CSS features? For example, to implement a box-shadow, one might have a code like: There being a special set of options for the Mozilla Firefox browser, and for the Webkit browsers (Chrome and Safari). Yet in xF, the CSS used for the default...
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    Modifying the hover state of controls

    How do we alter the hover state of message controls (e.g. "Like", "Edit"), even in times when the mouse is not over them?