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  1. graham_w

    Browser issue Unable to delete external images in RTE on mobile browsers

    When including an external image in img tags in a post, I am unable to delete the images using the RTE on a Galaxy S3 using Chrome or Firefox. Also confirmed on an S4 using same browsers. Works as expected in the default browser. Just posted a test image here to try and still getting the same...
  2. graham_w

    Just upgraded to XF 1.2 and .....

    nothing. Well a couple of little things weren't 100% right - mostly css related. But unlike before where I used to set the whole night aside for VB upgrades, an hour later on XF i've got the feet up with an amber ale in hand. http://www.ozcardtrader.com.au/community/ Feedback so far has been...
  3. graham_w

    Fixed Default Thread Prefix not being set on new threads in a forum

    If you set a Default Thread Prefix for a forum in 1.2.0 RC1 and start a new thread, the default thread prefix is not being applied to the thread. The thread prefix still needs to be selected manually. It works as expected in 1.1.x
  4. graham_w

    Changing URL path for full sized attachments (to allow serving from CDN)

    Hi I've put in a suggestion for adding CDN support for full sized (public) attachments here : http://xenforo.com/community/threads/cdn-support-for-full-sized-attachments-public.27583/ I'm just wondering if this change is something as simple as modifying the display path of attachments or is...
  5. graham_w

    Add-on VBSEO Likes Importer

    I would like to have an addon made to import vbSEO likes from my VB4 database to my Xenforo forum. I have already completed the import from Vb4 to Xenforo, but I still have the import log in my Xenforo database. I have kept the same post and thread id's when importing. Please let me know if...
  6. graham_w

    Creating a cron to move threads with a certain prefix to another forum

    I'd like to create a cron to move all threads with the prefix "Completed" from forum 19 to forum 20 and run it once a day but I have no idea where to begin. Any assistance or guidance on how to go about this ? Graham
  7. graham_w

    Not a bug "Please post a valid message" error when skimlinks installed on anything but Default theme

    I've had users complaining of not being able to post, getting an error "Please post a valid message". Some users are getting javascript errors. Others not. It seems to be a range of browsers, but mostly IE. I was able to recreate the issue on my active board using IE9, and when I removed the...
  8. graham_w

    Lack of interest [Suggestion] List of words to make exempt from Automatically Adjust Case of Discussion Titles

    Our sports forum users use different Three Letter Acronyms in thread titles, such as USA, NBA, NFL, AFL, NRL etc etc If we enable Title case in "Automatically Adjust Case of Discussion Titles" it will change these acronyms to Nrl or Nba - if we enable sentence case it changes them to nrl or nba...
  9. graham_w

    Not a bug  Using A Table In Header Doesnt Display Properly

    I have a header in a table that I use on my current vBulletin forum - it displays just fine there. Putting the table in a standalone html page displays it properly as well. When I put the same table into the header template in XF it isn't displaying properly. Happy to provide a copy of...