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  1. shawn

    XF 1.4 Redirects and route filters

    I recently moved the Xenforo installation from a /forum subdirectory into /. I have started to use route filters to pick up some of the old links, but I'm having problems with one specific example. If the old link went to www.site.com/forum/index.php?forums/$ How do I get that to rewrite to...
  2. shawn


    I was reminded earlier today about one of my biggest XF peeves: The repeated and frequent insistence by a whole lot of folks that data and internal_data need to be set to 777 because it's a "XenForo Requirement". The requirements may in fact tell you to do it, but it's bad form. All you really...
  3. shawn

    Importing Wordpress into Xenforo

    Does anybody have a vB4 license that could import <150 wordpress posts for me? I'd do it, but I don't want to buy vB4...
  4. shawn

    XF 1.2 Account Upgrades Link Disappeared

    What determines whether or not the following is true? <xen:if is="{$xenCache.userUpgradeCount}"> At some point after upgrading to 1.2, the link to account/upgrades disappeared from the user control panel and from the navigation visitor menu. The page still worked if you brought it up manually...
  5. shawn

    Not planned "Always" permission

    We have a "never" permission setting... why not an "always" one? Would be handy for setting up Super Admin/Super Moderator permissions across private nodes, etc. Put it over next to the "never" one with a similar warning.
  6. shawn

    Lack of interest "Messages" phrase in memberCard, etc

    Maybe my users are unique in this respect... and if that's the case, I guess nobody will like this post. But I get an unusually high number of questions from users (particularly new ones) that say "my profile says I've got 30 messages, but I keep checking my inbox and it's empty". I understand...
  7. shawn

    Errors during a password reset?

    I get requests from users to reset their passwords for them on a fairly regular basis. No problem. I open up the forum in an incognito tab, plug their email address into the forgotten password form, then send them an email explaining the process. They'll get an email from the server, check their...
  8. shawn

    Implemented Manually extending existing account upgrade

    Let's say a user has an existing account upgrade. The normal term for the upgrade is a year, but this particular one is already six months old. The administrator wants to manually extend the user's term by an additional year. If you try to manually add an upgrade, the ACP just assigns a date a...
  9. shawn

    Lack of interest Private Nodes in the Node Tree

    This is part useability bug/quirk, part feature request, so feel free to move the thread as necessary. But here's the basic scenario: We have a node marked as private, which makes it disappear from the node tree. So we grant "can view node" to the registered usergroup so that they can see the...
  10. shawn

    Ad networks?

    So, apparently, Contextweb/Pulsepoint no longer does business with forum sites. I put OpenX ads back up after being away from them for a few years, and... while it's only been a few days, I'm unimpressed with the fill rates. Does anybody have suggestions for other ad networks they've been...
  11. shawn

    New permission: View Node in Node List

    Has anyone done this? The downside to the "Private Forum" option is that it won't grant users the option of knowing that a node exists, but that they don't have permission to view inside it. Also, if you grant "View Node" permissions to the registered user group, but *revoke* all other...
  12. shawn

    Why doesn't this work?

    It's supposed to be fetching the soft deleted threads and changing their node, but it's fetching everything instead. $threadModel = XenForo_Model::create('XenForo_Model_Thread'); $conditions = array( 'discussion_state' => 'deleted'...
  13. shawn

    ES not indexing numbers?

    Any ideas where to start looking for the problem? Everything else seems fine at the moment, but I realized that any searches for numbers come back empty.
  14. shawn

    Add-on Microblogging/Liveblog event node type?

    Is anybody working on anything like this? We've been using CoverItLive, but their new monthly subscription is going to bleed us dry. I got to thinking about it, and the node structure is very similar to a thread. The most labor-intensive part of it is coming up with a view framework that...
  15. shawn

    Upgrade Reminder

    shawn submitted a new resource: Upgrade Reminder (version 0.1) - Cron sends nightly emails to notify users their account upgrades will soon expire Read more about this resource...
  16. shawn

    Add-on Mass move / purge / delete tools?

    Maybe I suck at searching... but I can't find where anyone is working on this. All I want is to be able to mass move threads that haven't had replies in X days, or threads that have been deleted, etc. Is there an add-on out there that does this yet?
  17. shawn

    Lack of interest Deleted posts/threads in search results should be identified accordingly

    Normally, deleted threads and posts are formatted differently from regular posts and threads, so moderators can quickly identify the ones that are no longer publicly visible. In search results, there isn't any differentiation between them. You have to click on the thread to see that it's been...
  18. shawn

    Lack of interest ACP options for mass moving / mass purging threads

    They don't seem to exist. I can pick individual threads on the front end, but what I need is the ability to go in and search for all threads that haven't been updated in x days, or all threads in a certain forum, or all threads that have been deleted, etc... and move them to a different forum or...
  19. shawn

    Manually applying user upgrade fails if upgrade would extend current upgrade

    If a user doesn't currently have that upgrade... no problem. Enter their username and it applies as it should. If manually upgrading them would extend their current upgrade, I get this error: Additionally, as more of a feature request than an actual bug, there's no place in the ACP to manually...
  20. shawn

    XenAtendo Revision Archive?

    Does anyone have older copies of XenAtendo? Particularly versions older than 1.4.3. I've found older copies.... er... "elsewhere" on the internets, but not really comfortable installing software sourced from x3n40r0haxx0rz.ru