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  1. MattW

    XF 1.5 Upgrading to 1.5.15a HELP

    Should be fixed now.
  2. MattW

    Email notifications and Yahoo abuse complaints made to AmazonSES

    Yahoo says it all, they are terrible at blocking email
  3. MattW

    Amazonses Users: Do you configure and use your own domain for "mailed-by"?

    I have for my own site. Mail is send from mailhandler.domain.com
  4. MattW

    Nottingham Anyone?

    Lol, the new one they have opened is Sheffield is appalling. Horrible layout over 2 stories and a nightmare to get around.
  5. MattW

    Nottingham Anyone?

    I live 40 miles away, and only time I go to Nottingham is to buy stuff from Ikea.
  6. MattW

    mattwservices.co.uk - Server Configuration / Hosting / Support

    The joys of working nights, and not being able to sleep during the day.
  7. MattW

    XF 2.0 cannot upgrade from beta 8 to release candidate

    Opcache is enabled on the server, so wait a few minutes following the upload before trying to upgrade.
  8. MattW

    XenForo Updater

    Thanks for the fix Liam.
  9. MattW

    XF 2.0.0. RC 1 (Happy Tuesday)

    Don't break anything :X3:
  10. MattW

    XenForo Updater

    Thanks Liam :)
  11. MattW

    XenForo Updater

    I think this is broken on PHP7.1 An exception occurred: Call to undefined method DOMText::getElementsByTagName() in /home/nginx/domains/site.com/public/library/LiamW/XenForoUpdater/Model/AutoUpdate.php on line 70 LiamW_XenForoUpdater_Model_AutoUpdate->getLicenses() in...
  12. MattW

    Conversation Essentials [Paid]

    I've checked 3 different sites in the default theme, and the kick option isn't displaying. EDIT: Although, looking at the versions, they are all pretty out of date based on what I'm seeing in the ACP.
  13. MattW

    Conversation Essentials [Paid]

    Is the kick feature still working? I'm looking at two sites where this is installed, and the kick feature isn't visible, even though it's set to always show, and analysing the permissions show it should be available?
  14. MattW

    Conversation Improvements by Xon

    Perfect, thanks :)
  15. MattW

    Conversation Improvements by Xon

    @Xon - for the big board instructions, are those queries to be ran before or after the installation?
  16. MattW

    Need someone to set up new dedicated server

    Thanks for the feedback @ibaker , it's been a pleasure working with you.
  17. MattW

    Recommended Dedicated Server Hosts (East Coast USA)

    Well that definitely sucks (n) Can't speak for the US site, but the UK site has worked OK for me with the recurring billing.
  18. MattW

    Recommended Dedicated Server Hosts (East Coast USA)

    I'm a big fan of both of these, they have great customer service, and good network / hardware. Have had issues with hardware on Reliablesite in the past, but, they have fixed it with the opening of tickets (top of rack switch......which they should have been proactively monitoring IMO).
  19. MattW

    Recommended Dedicated Server Hosts (East Coast USA)

    Was that on the OVH site, or the SYS site? I've been using the auto payment on OVH for almost 2 years, and they have even worked with me to bring all the products inline, so I have one single payment per month for all the services I have with them. The SYS site is still manual, and they never...