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  1. iardon

    Implemented Image and Media gallery must be INTEGRATED

    I would also like Albums and the ability to import albums from vb.
  2. iardon

    How long have you been running your community?

    Since Feb. 2003. First phpbb, then vb, and at some point xf.
  3. iardon

    VB 3x end of life

    Are there any serious IE 9 bugs with vb3? I looked at the tracker (which I find confusing) and couldn't find anything besides some smiley drop down issue.
  4. iardon

    Text shadow on tab links

    I find the links under a section, for example under Forums (Mark All Forums Read, Search Forums, etc...) a bit hard to read. But when I hover over them, they're fine. Anybody else feel the same way?
  5. iardon

    AVForums: the vB 3.x forum that looks like XenForo

    Weird, for some reason I thought was about to, or talked about, changing to xenforo. Am I thinking of some other thread or was it avforums all along?
  6. iardon

    What does xF need to have before you move from your current platform?

    Importing albums, prefixes, and tags.
  7. iardon

    vBulletin 4 Importer

    Yes, like the Members Visited mod. Thanks in advance, Paul. ;)
  8. iardon

    Reactivation fee

    Will we get an email notifying us that our license is about to expire?
  9. iardon

    image resizing

    And the forum will automatically scale down images?
  10. iardon

    image resizing

    I guess that option isn't available yet? Couldn't find anything in the ACP or config file.
  11. iardon

    XenForo ready Hosts

    I installed and am running xf on with no problems.
  12. iardon

    Custom Profile Fields

    Is there a way in the ACP to add custom profile fields?
  13. iardon

    Fixed  Trophy page blank with no trophies

    When all trophy options are removed the trophies section under help is blank. Shouldn't that section also be eliminated?
  14. iardon

    ACP So Fresh

    I like the doodles. ACP suggestion... it would be cool if the node tree was "drag and drop".
  15. iardon

    emails for alerts

    Ok, thanks.
  16. iardon

    emails for alerts

    I'm getting emails for watched threads but not for alerts. For example, when someone quotes me or my post gets a "like". Or, am I not supposed to receive emails for that? If so, what am I supposed to get emails for and what not? Thanks!
  17. iardon

    XenForo Beta 1.0.0 Beta 1 Released!

    Yes, that's the link I clicked and was able to buy without a paypal account.
  18. iardon

    XenForo Beta 1.0.0 Beta 1 Released!

    I bought a license and I don't have a paypal account. There's a link during the payment process that allows you to continue without logging in as a paypal user.
  19. iardon

    vB3 owners, show yourself!

    I may upgrade but I need albums/tags/thread prefixes to be available and able to import. I also wonder if custom profile fields can be imported. I will buy a license anyhow to get some experience with the software.
  20. iardon

    Fixed  Quick Navigation Menu issue

    When I access the quick navigation menu from certain areas of the forum a quick refresh occurs (at least that's how it looks as the screen goes blank for a second) and then the menu is displayed. In other locations of the forum the quick navigation menu displays immediately, like it should. I...