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  1. Cibox

    Das tut mir leid. :confused:

    Das tut mir leid. :confused:
  2. Cibox

    Like, Quote, Reply Button Edit

    Thanks for this, but I have several styles available for my forum. How do I have to change this, so that it takes dynamically the related colour of every separate style?
  3. Cibox

    Duplicate No successful full text search possible

    Found the reason: The STOP words for the German language seem to be a bit too extensive. A rebuild of the search index without Stop words fixed the issue. But why are the searches with words from the stop list possible/successfull if I am searching "titles only"?
  4. Cibox

    Duplicate No successful full text search possible

    Elasticsearch is installed on a separate server. Today a user informed me that only results where shown if the check box for "search titles only" is marked. Full text searches/ searches without the option "title only" lead to no matching results. I tried to fix this with rebuilding the search...
  5. Cibox

    Gaps in search results

    Yes, you can use the command line tool: php cmd.php xf-rebuild:search
  6. Cibox

    [tl] Image Optimizer for XF 2.x [Paid]

    This would be great, because I try to find an addon which - besides optimizing uploaded images and saving diskspace - checks if the file which is stored on HDD is still linked in the database (due to a HDD crash I lost some Gigabytes of attachments and had to restore an older version of the...
  7. Cibox

    [tl] Image Optimizer for XF 2.x [Paid]

    Does this addon delete missing files from the database during optimization? Background: I had an HDD crash some time ago and have some files in my xenforo database which are not present on HDD anymore. It would be great if this addon would optimize the files (to reduce the needed HDD capacity)...
  8. Cibox

    XF 2.0 Users getting logged out

    My users are complaining as well.
  9. Cibox

    Elasticsearch [Deleted]

    Hmm, not working for my installation. If I try to use it, I get the message: "No Elasticseacrh indexes found. " (besides: there is a typo). On my xenforo installation Elasticsearch is not running on localhost, it is located on a separate server.
  10. Cibox

    Option to turn off logging of IP usage data

    Besides the legal status of IP logging in Germany or European Union, I am with Kirby and would prefer to have the option to disable IP logging. Data which is not in my hands/databases can't be stolen, copied or what ever in the case the server or forum gets hacked. And I don't need these...
  11. Cibox

    [XF2] Deactivate/Activate forum from the CLI for shell scripts and cronjobs

    I am missing an option to deactivate and activate my forum. Reason/Use-Case: I want to run shell scripts via cron for backups: At the beginning of a mysqldump I want to deactivate the forum and afterwards I will reactivate it. So I get in case of a necessary restore of the database a clean...
  12. Cibox

    XF 2.0 How to deactivate/activate my forum via CLI/cmd.php?

    I want to write a shellscript which does: deactivate my forum via CLI run a mysqldump reactivate it afterwards. Is there a cmp.php option available for activate/deactivate xenforo2 ? Thanks in advance Cibox
  13. Cibox

    Editor & BB Code Manager

    Yepp, I know, I have already installed this addon, but my goal is to prevent hotlinking and that the users has to upload the images from the beginning. If the user is uploading a copyright protected image, it is his problem, but if he is hotlinking it and the software will do the "copy process"...
  14. Cibox

    Enhanced Attachment System (EAS2) [Deleted]

    Thanks for this addon. But what I am still missing is a time-based upload limit. You already implemented a time based download limit and a post count based upload limit. Especially new users are posting a lot of garbage pictures in my forum (15 pictures of their car for example and that only...
  15. Cibox

    Editor & BB Code Manager

    I just installed this addon, because I wanted to disable the button for hotlinking images "by url", but it seems that it's only possible to disable the image button as a whole and not only the part "by url". Is there another solution I could hack into anywhere?
  16. Cibox

    Lack of interest Limit the number of daily/weekly/monthly registrations

    This is exactly the ressource I am searching. I am not interested in deactivation of all new registrations but due to school holidays/vacations the registration rates go higher then useful for an intact comunity. To limit the flooding of new users during times like this it would be great to...
  17. Cibox

    Thread Ban [Paid] [Deleted]

    An additional "Node Ban"-Addon would be great
  18. Cibox

    [Tinhte] HTML5 Uploader (Unmaintained)

    Doesn't work with Tor Browser Bundle.