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  1. pmflav


    When using the dropdown to choose a category, it is not letting me select one.
  2. pmflav

    Trust+ [Deleted]

    When trying to install
  3. pmflav

    So glad I made the switch to Xenforo!

    After spending considerable time and money in trying to get IPS to work, it is so broken that even their forums are full of complaints. I am glad I have returned to Xenforo.
  4. pmflav

    Flat Awesome Dark -

    this style is not compatible with 1.5.1, as far as a know. The 1.5.1 version you would need to purchase.
  5. pmflav


    Calendar style does not seem to match the site styles. Month titles etc.
  6. pmflav


    Unfortunately i am having the same problem as bbak. All other addons work fine, this one kills the site with the same error.
  7. pmflav

    Best Cheap VPS?

    +1 digitalocean
  8. pmflav

    Audio Plus

    Callback Andy_AudioPlus_Listener::loadClassDatawriter is invalid (Invalid Class).
  9. pmflav

    Include external php

    Is there a way of having this in a widget block? would give me some more flexibility.
  10. pmflav

    Include external php

    Very nice. Missed that. Thankyou
  11. pmflav

    Include external php

    I am using xenporta and widget framework and we need to include and external script on our page. I am using the html block to do this. <head> <script> $(document).ready(function(){ $('#test3').load('http://xxxxxxxxxt/msfc/attack.php?multi=anzar'); }); $( document ).ajaxStop(function())...
  12. pmflav

    Force Required Custom User Fields

    Well this is embarrassing. Thought it was installed. It wasn't. Works well. Sorry.
  13. pmflav

    Force Required Custom User Fields

    Yes. They have to when registering. But existing members are not redirected to a newly made tequired field
  14. pmflav

    Force Required Custom User Fields

    Doesn't seem to be working. Not redirecting.
  15. pmflav

    Add-on TeamSpeak 3 Integration [Paid or Crowd-funded]

    Very very keen to see how this turns out.
  16. pmflav

    [8WR] XenPorta (Portal) PRO [Paid]

    I have ported it. Will post later. Still deciding whether to stick with xenforo atm
  17. pmflav

    [8WR] XenPorta (Portal) PRO [Paid]

    Would like him to fix the latest release first though. Broken
  18. pmflav

    [8WR] XenPorta (Portal) PRO [Paid]

    Fair enough
  19. pmflav

    [8WR] XenPorta (Portal) PRO [Paid]

    Try doing the tests yourself. Turn each on and off and test the page reloads
  20. pmflav

    [8WR] XenPorta (Portal) PRO [Paid]

    Have it run on an nginx server