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    CSS Continues to mess up and puts website in an unusable state.

    Usually a problem with CloudFlare and the SSL Cert.
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    Problems connecting with Filezilla

    You're very welcome. Glad it got resolved. :) :)
  3. WSWD

    Problems connecting with Filezilla

    You're welcome! To find the Active they are talking about, click the Transfer Settings tab on the same screen I posted above. It'll be right up top. The choices are Default, Active, Passive.
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    Need help with the SSL

    Probably clear your browser's cache. If you want to post the site here or PM, I'll be more than happy to check for you.
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    Problems connecting with Filezilla

    This is all assuming you have your site set up in the Site Manager, which you should. Open the Site Manager and you'll see the following: That method is almost guaranteed to fix your problem.
  6. WSWD

    ApacheBench xenforo

    Not really. Your loads shouldn't be anywhere close to that with 4 concurrent users. I wouldn't think those processes would be using that much CPU either, so that's a little....odd.
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    ApacheBench xenforo

    Have you run TOP to see what might be showing?
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    New peak traffic and XF has started running really slow or not at all on DO LAMP stack

    Glad to hear it's working. Did anybody actually check to see what the problem was, just out of curiosity?
  9. WSWD

    New peak traffic and XF has started running really slow or not at all on DO LAMP stack

    Without knowing for sure you're just making changes for potentially no reason. This is the reason logs exist.
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    New peak traffic and XF has started running really slow or not at all on DO LAMP stack

    Huh??? Have you actually confirmed via logs and such what really happened? This is awfully silly move if you haven't confirmed what the problem was.
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    XF 2.1 One-click upgrades and add-on install/upgrade from ZIP files

    Make those paths writable. You need to change the permissions for those folders/files so that they are writable. You should be able to do it using your FTP client. If you don't know how to do that, ask your host and they should be able to help you.
  12. WSWD

    Hosting Question

    1) Make sure your host is running cPanel. Many run their own custom panels that they try to play off as cPanel, but it's not. 2) Make sure you DO NOT transfer your domain name to your host. Keep it separate, i.e. on Namecheap or such. 3) Make your own daily backups that are off-site and...
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    Best PHP handler for PHP 5.6

    The internal error is because your file/folder permissions are wrong for suPHP. It runs Apache as your user instead of as nobody. So the normal permissions won't work. If you change your permissions properly, suPHP will work. DSO and FastCGI are both good handlers.
  14. WSWD

    Are you still using PHP 5.x? Why?

    As I've said before, it's that most people don't care. Here on the forum, you get the xF enthusiasts and potential tinkerers, etc. But most people just install it, have their host install it, etc., and that's the end of it. It works, so there is absolutely no reason to upgrade. I can't...
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    What is best for a forum in terms of server hardware?

    Bandwidth is almost never the issue, nor is it very important, unless your forum is sharing a lot of files, images, etc. RAM is usually the limitation when it comes to any website, not just forums. Disk I/O is very important as well, which is why most people these days go with SSD drives. A...
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    User Alerts and Notifications

    That's your host trying to make an extra buck. You do not need a VPS. Any decent shared host will be able to enable GMP for you.
  17. WSWD

    Db Errors After Server Migration

    Can't help you there, unfortunately. I'm not sure what might be causing that, though all the sessions are stored in the database. If the database is having issues, I can only assume could do something funky with that list. But I don't know any specifics.
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    Db Errors After Server Migration

    No. Not at all related.
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    Moving site w/no cpanel or FTP access?

    You're welcome! Yeah, without that access, you're pretty much screwed. Hopefully they'll get you the login info soon.