XWiki 1.1.0

No permission to buy ($279.95)
Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.1
  2. 2.2
Additional requirements
MediaWiki 1.35.0 or higher
Updates duration
12 months; $49.95 yearly renewal
Visible branding
Yes, but removable without payment

XWiki integrates XenForo and MediaWiki together making managing your software systems easier and creating a fluid user experience. Remove some of the challenges of managing two separate platforms by synchronizing and incorporating several components of MediaWiki and XenForo. XWiki can help enhance the platforms.

To make managing platforms simple, we created XLink which is included with XWiki and must be downloaded and installed separately. It is required to use XWiki. XLink provides one location to link and manage your platforms, like WordPress (requires XPress) and MediaWiki (requires XWiki). Add new platforms with just a few clicks, access a list of linked users per platform, and more right from XLink.

Integrating different platforms can be a complicated process. Our experienced team of experts is here to help! As a part of the product purchase, our team will help install XWiki on existing platforms, help with basic configuration, and assist in resolving server errors that may occur.

Please Note: Custom add-ons, customizations, and server configuration can prevent XWiki from working properly. Should you encounter an issue, please create a ticket here. If the issue is due to custom add-ons, customizations, or server configuration we will offer a full refund if reported here within 30 days. ThemeHouse is at the sole discretion on refunds and you must allow us time to help fix the issue.

Wondering about performance impacts? Take a look at the results from some tests we ran for UI.X, XPress, XWiki, and XLink here.

Administrator Features
  • Utilize XLink for platform management (XLink is included with XWiki and must be downloaded and installed separately. It is required to use XWiki.)
  • Compatible with any XenForo theme
  • Add an extra namespace “Discussions” for all non-special MediaWiki pages for a list of XenForo threads that are linked to the current MediaWiki page
  • Synchronize, automate, and manage XWiki user roles with the XLink user promotion system
  • Automatically link existing remote accounts to their XenForo counterparts (by email) and generate new remote accounts for all XenForo accounts that do not currently have a remote account
  • Single sign-on turns logging into both platforms into a single action
  • Add the personal tools widget of the MediaWiki sidebar
  • Add the toolbox widget of the MediaWiki sidebar where content adjusts based on the given MediaWiki page content (if any)
  • Share advertisements between XenForo and MediaWiki
User Features
  • Single sign-on
  • Search through MediaWiki and XenForo using unified search

Do you want to further enhance your forum? Here are some of the ways we can help!

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Latest updates

  1. Version 1.1.0 released!

    Changes: Updated minimum requirements to MediaWiki 1.35 or higher Resolved an incompatibility...
  2. XLink 1.0.6 released

    Changes: Improved error reporting for easier troubleshooting. Please also check out the new...
  3. Version 1.0.2 released!

    This is a maintenance release to enable manual account link creation in the XLink platform manager.

Latest reviews

A seamless integration with Mediawiki, from the color scheme of our forum to user logins. When a user signs into the forum, they're signed into the wiki. I can control access based on usergroups and issue periodic promotions, it's great.

There was some difficulty during setup due to my Cloudflare configuration, but support was quick to find a resolution.