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Unmaintained [XTR] Thread Rating System 1.1.1

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1.1.1 Change log
  • Added new rated post widget.
  • Widget templates have been updated.
  • Added new phrases.
  • User alert function has been updated.
1.1.0 Change log
  • Rating block display position problem for message attribution fixed.
  • ACP option macro template has been changed
  • Widget templates have been updated.
What's new on 1.1.0
  • Added "Display user rating on message-attribution bar" option. (If user rating posted rating count visible on message-attribution bar. This option requires include the review like as post.
  • Added new phrases.
  • Add-on templates updated.
  • Added Quick widget creation option.

Upcoming update details:
  • Last review post widget
  • PHP 8 compatibility update (Stability and compatibility with the newly released PHP 8)
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What's new on 1.0.9
  • Added "SERP description length" option.
  • Added "Include the review like as post" option.
  • Censoring process has been improved for review comments.
What's new on 1.0.8
  • Added new "Rating Block" display location
  • Added Top rated threads widget
  • Added Best rated threads widget
  • Added Types of Rating category option
All added categories have been tested with Google Rich Result Test Tools .

Google Search Central > Documentation >Advanced SEO > Review snippet


Category Type-1, represents the books, news, solutions, suggestions, articles, contents, explanations, recommends etc.
Category Type-2, represents the media seasons e.g. tv, radio, video game etc.
Category Type-3, represents things which are the most generic kind of creative work, including books, movies, photographs, software programs, etc.
Category Type-4, represents a media episode (e.g. tv, radio, sports competitions, video game) which can be part of a series or season.
Category Type-5, represents things which are games. These are typically rule-governed recreational activities, contents.
Category Type-6, represents a media object, such as an image, video, or audio object embedded in a web page or a downloadable dataset or Data Download.
Category Type-7, represents a collection of music tracks in playlist form.
Category Type-8, represents a music recording (track), usually a single song.

Screenshot samples for new options



Top rated threads: Displays a block containing a list (sorted by rating count) of X threads which have top rated been posted in.

Best rated threads: Displays a block containing a list (sorted by rating average) of X threads which have best rating been posted in.

1.0.8 Change log
  • Added worstRating value to fix the google search console error report. For more details;
Google Search Central > Documentation >Advanced SEO > Review snippet
  • Updated add-on templates.
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What's new on 1.0.7
  • Finder and Repository updated.
  • Updated to XenForo 2.2.2
1.0.7 Change log
  • Raters phrase has been moved to below line with the line break element.
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What's new on 1.0.5
  • "Require a review when rating thread" option has been added.
  • "Review length" option has been added.


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1.0.4 Change log
  • Post_macros template modification has been changed. (In this release some of modifications / optimizations has been applied for XF 2.2.1+)
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What's new on 1.0.3
  • Added new .less template for rating padding position.
  • Rating script has been updated.
1.0.3 Change log
  • Fixed Google rating score problem. (Many thanks to @I. C. Daniel for the bug report.)
What's new on 1.0.2
  • Added sort by rating score
  • Added "Your rates" tab for Suggestion and Question type nodes.
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