[XTR] Thread Rating System

Unmaintained [XTR] Thread Rating System 1.1.1

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Very easy to install and configure. I was missing this feature after moving from vB eons ago. I like that the ratings should be visible in Google SERPs.
This is an excellent addon. It works well on our server. I'd like to see and extended version of this with different rating criteria like for a directory so say you're reviewing a listing for a hotel, you could rate the service, price, cleanliness, pool, etc. etc.
Great addon. Great developer.

I love this addon so much. You can keep motivated your users with this addon, also you can separated quality threads from the others.
Incredible complement that cannot be missing in your forum, giving your rating to the threads is great the members are delighted with the system.Thanks to the xentr team
Thanks for this add-on. This is very useful for vote the threads and it have many options. I had template problems and the developer help me with this, he has launched a quickly update.
PERFECT addon for my forum. I was looking for this for so long time. Thank you so much! Fast support!
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