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Unmaintained [XTR] Soft Deleted Items 1.0.3

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Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.2
You may not redistribute, or repackage in any form.
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Challenges of Soft Deletion

Soft deleting is the process of making unavailable data that the user once had access to and no longer can see. In other words, your post is never deleted from the community’s database.

This information is retained for whatever reason, such as stalking the messages you tried to delete, gathering data to understand better the user behavior, giving the possibility to restore information that the user thought was deleted, and… stalking more of your information.

In fact, implementing “proper” soft delete is not an easy task. Not being able to quickly find which item you deleted makes it very difficult to track this work.

At this point, we offer you an add-on that will provide you with the greatest support.

Let's time to review the Soft Deleted Items add-on.

General Options

Soft-Deleted ACP-Options.webp

Soft Deleted Item Lists

Soft-Deleted Post-List.webp

Soft-Deleted Thread-List.webp

Soft-Deleted Resource-List.webp

If you don't have a Resource Manager you cannot use the soft deleted resource list.

Soft-Deleted Resource-Manager.webp

Feature list
  • Bulk delete option.
  • Quick access to soft deleted items.
  • Soft deleted posts, threads, and resource lists.
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