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Unmaintained [XTR] Member Stories 1.0.11

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Version string 1.0.11
  • Added new phrases.
  • Added new public templates.
  • Added grid layout to stories tab on the member profile page.
  • Added new style properties.
  • Fixed user privacy option bug.
  • Fixed pageNav issue.
  • Added sidebar display position to member stories list.
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Version string 1.0.10
  • Added new phrases.
  • Added new public templates.
  • Added stories tab on the member profile page. (Stories can be stored in profiles after x hours they would remain accessible and useful.)
  • Updated style properties.
  • Added a new ACP option to manage privacy options for members' stories in the admin panel. (On user edit)
  • Added new user group permission "Can view user stories on their profile tabs"

XenForo 2.2.x and PHP 8.1+ Compatibility
  • Confirm XF 2.2.12+ Support
  • PHP 8.1 compatibility
1.0.9 Changelog
  • Fixed [E_WARNING] Attempt to read property "group_id" on null
  • Confirmed PHP 8.1+
  • Updated MacroRender
  • Updated _preDelete function.
  • Added postDispatch() function to ACP options.
  • PHP 8.0+
1.0.8 Change log

New version of add-on checks user privacy options during the upgrading process and runs a query to change visible state for all user stories. It is recommended that you do not forget this situation when setting user group permissions.


  • Public templates updated.
  • Hard delete cron-job is improved.
Many thanks to @tymillzz for suggestions.
1.0.7 Change log
  • Global user ignore option now is available for stories.
  • Public templates updated.
  • Template modifications updated.
1.0.6 Change log
  • Added "Include the member story like as profile post" option.
  • Added spam controller to profile post stories.
  • Added new phrases.
  • Template modifications updated.
  • Public templates updated.
  • Added new style properties.
  • Added new user permission. (Can post to story own profile)
  • ACP options macro template updated. (Changed with new structure)
  • PHP 8 compatibility update. (Stability and compatibility with the newly released PHP 8)
  • usort() PHP function has been changed.
  • ThemeHouse/UIX add-on compatibility update.



1.0.5 Change log

What's new?

  • Added member story title control options. (Many thanks to @zonzon )
  • Mouse move function has been improved.
  • Some of functions has been prepared for message stories. (Not activated yet)
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1.0.4 Change log

What's new?

  • Image optimization has been improved. (Many thanks to @Faust )
  • Custom member user avatar size option has been added.
  • TH Style issues fixed. (Avatar size, widget positions, story account page button positions)
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What's new?
  • Add story button positions updated.
  • New style property has been added. (Member avatar frame color for users whose stories are seen-watched by members or followers.)
  • Widget template has been updated.
  • New phrases have been added.
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1.0.3 Release notes

With this release,
Widget template and stories repo has been updated.
1.0.2 Change log

What's new?

  • Allow Internal URLs for story media option has been added.
  • Only WhiteList for external story media URLs list option has been added. ( Many thanks to @BySoft )
  • Enabled auto hard delete cron entry has been added. (If this option is enabled all soft deleted member stories will be deleted automatically the last day of the week. You may check the cron entry for more details.)
  • Style properties have been updated
  • 2 widget display positions have been added. ( Many thanks to @Faust )
  • New phrases have been added.




1.0.2 Release notes

With this release,

Add-on is compatible with TH styles. (We've only tested with IO Style, (Thanks to our customers) because we do not have any TH style if you need to any customization please let me know.)
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