[XTR] Member Stories

[XTR] Member Stories 1.0.2

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1.0.2 Change log

What's new?

  • Allow Internal URLs for story media option has been added.
  • Only WhiteList for external story media URLs list option has been added. ( Many thanks to @BySoft )
  • Enabled auto hard delete cron entry has been added. (If this option is enabled all soft deleted member stories will be deleted automatically the last day of the week. You may check the cron entry for more details.)
  • Style properties have been updated
  • 2 widget display positions have been added. ( Many thanks to @Faust )
  • New phrases have been added.




1.0.2 Release notes

With this release,

Add-on is compatible with TH styles. (We've only tested with IO Style, (Thanks to our customers) because we do not have any TH style if you need to any customization please let me know.)
1.0.1 Change log

What's new?

  • New phrases have been added.
  • Allow add URLs to story title option has been added.
  • New user group permission has been added.
  • URL and Title Validation has been added.
  • New style properties have been added.
  • Sticky or Non sticky the user's member story option has been added.