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[XS] YouPass Upgrades 1.0.0

This addon allows you to buy an upgrade using YouPass !

  1. JustJack
    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.5
    Visible Branding:
    A link between YouPass and XenForo to allow your members to buy your upgrades via Phone Calls and immediately !

    Warning ! This add-on is only usable by people who are living in France (DOM included), Belgium and Siwtzerland !

    Very simple to configure and easy to use, in some steps it's done:

    - Create your upgrade without enter the field "YouBox ID"

    - Get the upgrade ID (findable in the URL when you edit this one for example)

    - Create your YouBox by configuring it as this (make sure to edit the ?id=1 by your created upgrade ID)
    - Get the YouBox ID in the second part of the confguration

    - Insert this one in your upgrade, by editing it

    Done ! That's all !


    1. finishUpgrade.png
    2. tiens.gif
    3. youbox.png
    4. youpassbutton.png
    5. youpasscodes.png