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Unmaintained XFMCLink 0.0.1

No permission to buy ($10.00)
Compatible XF 1.x versions
Visible branding
Installation and Configuration Instructions

This is a highly configurable Minecraft server syncing addon for XenForo. With this, you will be able to sync server ranks from multiple servers to one single XenForo installation.

The plugin requires Vault, as well as access to your XenForo database. If you are not able to obtain these things, DO NOT PURCHASE THIS ADDON. I will not be issuing refunds if the plugin is unable to function due to the fact that you cannot provide those things.

  • Multiple methods of linking (Using a code, or using a URL)
  • Change the default avatar URL to use the user's name, linked account, or both
  • Force the user to use their Minecraft avatar
  • Specify a custom avatar URL
  • Force users to link their account
  • Allow users to unlink their account
  • Execute a command when users link their account
  • Sync ranks from multiple servers (Will automatically promote and demote users)
Upcoming Features / To-Do List:
  • Optimization of plugin and addon code
  • Allow users to link their account when registering
  • Have a request? PM me or email admin [at] lyph.io


#The ID of the server. This should not be changed once set.
#Use the ID given to you when creating a server in ACP
server_id: 0

#This is the number of seconds to wait before checking for pending commands that need to be executed.
command-interval: 90

#MySQL details
  host: ''
  port: 3306
  user: 'root'
  pass: ''
  db: 'server'

#Some language settings
  linking_not_ready: '&4We experienced an error when processing this command. Please try again or notify an administrator if this problem persists'
  link_code: '&ePlease use the following code to link your account: &b{code}'
  link_url: '&ePlease click the following URL to link your account: https://website.com/xenforo/account/minecraft-link?code={code}'
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