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[XFA] Polls Enhancement 1.0.1

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If you have ever felt that the polls system coming with XenForo had some lacks, then this add-on is here to try to fill it !

Polls enhancement brings permissions, new polls options and new pages to quickly find the opened polls and the finished ones.
And more to come in the future !


  • Restrict who can post polls - Not coming by default, this handy feature will let you decide which usergroup or user can post polls.
  • Who can vote restrictions - Users with the permission can restrict the usergroup or user who can vote in the poll they create. Users with permission to override poll restrictions will still be able to vote.
  • Hide poll results - Users with the permission can hide the poll results to everyone permanently or until the poll closure. User with right to always view who voted or view who voted what will still be able to view the results.
  • Close poll after a given number of votes - In addition to the existing capability to close the votes after a number of days, users can now decide to close the polls after a given number of votes.
  • Active polls page - Thanks to a new link added to the Forums navigation bar, all active polls can be found. Of course, they are displayed based on user permissions.
  • Finished polls page - Similarly, a new button near the breadcrumb is shown on the active polls page to find finished polls.
  • New permissions:
    • Post Poll
    • Restrict usergroup/user who can vote
    • Overpass poll restrictions
    • Hide poll result
    • Always view who voted
    • Always view who voted what
Install/Uninstall instructions
The readme is available HERE.
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