XenZine Articles

Unmaintained XenZine Articles 1.2.08

No permission to buy (£40.00)
Compatible XF 1.x versions
1.3, 1.4, 1.5
Feel free to test this add-on and explore it here:
Example Site: xenzine.com

Some XenZine How To Guides That you might find useful
Please note, one payment covers one install on one forum. A further £80 is required to remove the copyright for that install. If you would like to remove the copyright or buy further copies, use the donation link and mention your site URL in the note.

Performance Stats
This was written with low query count and high code quality in mind
For non articles forums this has 0 queries overhead
For article forums this has +1 queries overhead

The Std-Base is 7 Queries (before a plugin does anything to a standard page)
Query Count For Pages:
Article Page: Base + 3 (+ 1 for all Pages, + 1 for all Custom Fields) Total: 9 Queries
Article List: Base + 4 (+ 1 for each additional extra section... such as picks/top rated) Total: 11 Queries
Category List: Base + 0 (+ 1 for each additional extra section... such as picks/top rated) Total: 7 Queries
Editors Picks: Base + 0 (+ 1 for each additional extra section... such as picks/top rated) Total: 7 Queries
Submit area: Base + 3 Total: 10 Queries

(as an example, a standard thread has a Total: 12-30 queries)
- No cron jobs are required!

What this Plugin Does
  • Publishing work flow, with publishing restrictions/options (similar to Ezine Articles)
  • Option to give the publisher their own "resource box"
  • Optional Minimum word count before articles can be sent for publishing
  • Publishing is sent through Moderation Logs (XenZine Articles: [x])
  • Publish Rejection reason can be sent back to the user
  • Ratings / Reviews of Articles
  • Forum owner can customise own Categories using the Admin Control Panel
  • Users can customise their own image for each Article
  • Forum Discussions on publishing the article (optional)
  • Animated Responsive Pinterest Style Article List
  • AutoLoad (lazyLoad) for large Article Lists (no need to tab to next page, just scroll through the article list)
  • Animated Responsive Pinterest Style Category List
  • Option for multi-paged articles
  • Retina ready category images
Fully integrated

  • Includes session activity
  • ACP Permissions
  • Alerts For Publishing / Publish Rejection
  • Alerts for review queue moderation
  • Likes on Articles (+ Share Buttons)
  • Searchable Articles
  • Searchable Discussions
  • Articles are listed on Users Profile
  • Article Attached Images can be accessed through the Admin Control Panel Attachment Browser
Here's a video demo:

Some Snap Shots (but the video above will give you a better demonstration)

aPublishedArticle.png aPublishedArticleDiscussion.png aPublishedArticleRatings.png ArticleList.jpg
CategoryList.pngChangeDefaultCategories.png Full-Publish-Approval-Rejection.png Full-Publish-Approval-Rejection-FollowUp.png
Quick-Publish-Approval-Rejection.png SubmitArticle1.png SubmitArticle2.png xenZineAcpOptions.png



When you account upgrade at SurreyForum the plugin is immediately available to download (as an attachment in the first post), this is automated.

You should now have the following folder structure:


  • Go to ACP -> Add-ons -> Install Add-on -> Install from file on server
  • Install from file on server: "library/XenZine/addon-xenZineArticles.xml"
  • Set options in the administration control panel ACP>>Home>>Options>>XenZine (neat the bottom)
  • Change the default categories in the ACP: applications >> categories (down the left side)
  • >>If you want associated discussions, select a forum to create the discussions in (for example, a hidden forum named "articles")
  • >>Give all your groups permissions to view articles
  • >>Apply the rest of your permissions sensibly

1. Unzip the following zip file, and copy over the original files with the new versions (just copy over the entire XenZine Folder and xenzine script)

2. From within the Admin Control Panel: yourforum/admin.php?add-ons/

find XenZine, and select the options

Control >> Upgrade

3. Upgrade from file on server: library/XenZine/addon-xenZineArticles.xml


  • 1 payment for this add-on covers one install on one forum
  • Do not use this add-on from warez or illegal sites, using illegal copies may put your site at risk
  • You will not be allowed to download further copies if you have been found to share your copy (or use it on more than one site)
  • If you have not paid for this add on, please do not use it on your forum, doing so may prevent this add-on from working
  • If you have not paid an additional £80 and sent me the location of this forum (as a paypal note), you may not remove the copyright
If you would like to remove the copyright or buy further copies, use the donation link and mention your site URL in the note.

Tested with XF 1.1.4, 1.1.5, 1.2.x, 1.3.x

Example sites: (let me know yours, and I'll add them below)

Latest updates

  1. fixed an issue with upload of custom types

    custom field uploads were not working (I was just made aware of this last weekend). A xf build...
  2. minor xml fix to allow compatability of latest version of xenfofo

    xenZineArticles_v1_1_06.zip Release: 30/12/16 Change Log: Update of xml file to allow this to...
  3. minor fixes

    updated all redirect response messages to phrases updated all error messages to phrases updated...

Latest reviews

XenZine offers a nice first impression for those who like the style, but there are just so many issues with the plug-in that just don't equal the price you pay for it. The article ratings system is not well-implemented, without even the option for editing ratings or - worse - moderating them. There are missing essential permissions and moderation options, and it comes with veritably no style properties for ease of access in changing the look. Really nice front-end. AWFUL back-end.

And, of course, on top of all that, the dev doesn't respond to issues and the add-on has not been maintained for some time.
I've unavoidably been a way for a while, but I'm back on the ball, making updates where needed/wanted
It's a good addon but the interface seems a bit difficult to get used to. Needs some fine tuning but overall, a very decent addon.
Just bought and being very happy with this addon. Keep updating and improving it.
Having just purchased and installed this, I can say that this is a far superior option to the official Xenforo Resource Manager when converting it to an article manager. This kicks serious arse and is worth every cent charged. Just WOW for ease of use for members.
Nice support
Thanks for this great addon! The new version is awesome :)
One of the best add-on I have bought :) simply awesome...
As always I wait a while before rating an add on, till I've had plenty of time to check it out. I am SO pleased with this add on. It's addictive now, and the convert thread to article is just an epic feature! I doubt I've used a fraction of the functionality so far after creating/converting 12 articles.
Really like this update! It looks and performs great - well done.