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The latest alpha version of XenWord Pro 2017 is now available. This is probably the last alpha and the next release will have bug fixes and the addition of a few minor features. Yes, after almost 8 months, XenWord Pro 2017 is getting closer to being finished.

Thanks for Jeremy P on the XenForo forums, XenForo replies are written properly to WordPress and WordPress comments are written to the XenForo thread.

This version also includes the comment counts, the author links as well as the Top Poster widget.

( 13 ) 2017.11.10 - November 10, 2017
Tested with XenForo 2 RC1
XF2 Comment counts are now pulled from XenForo 2
XF2 Comments from WordPress are posted to XenForo 2
XF2 Thread replies are posted to WordPress Comments
XF2 Author files are connected and functional
XF2 Wrapped conditionals for enabling / disabling XenWord systems
XF2 Top Posters Widget functional
Bug Fix: XF1 Conflict with declaring certain XF addons
Bug Fix: XF2 Line 26 in Groups.php

It's time to beat this version up heavily. The major features are now present. A few widgets are missing and conditionals are incomplete.
This version needs the XF1 bridge portion to be tested in a large array of environments. Do NOT use this on a live site. Yes, people are using it and it makes me very, very nervous. The bridge needs heavy testing.

As an incentive, select accounts were updated to other licenses because of their earlier help. For example, this is an opportunity for annual license holders to get moved up to lifetime -- simply by helping.

Do NOT use this for XF2 bridging because it is incomplete. Specifically, comments are not tied in yet. I will create a new resource on the XF2 side once it is ready to be heavily tested for XF2 bridging. Please be very careful.

( 12 ) 2017.11.06 - November 6, 2017
Tested with WordPress 4.9-RC1-42115 (XenWord now works with Gutenberg)
Updated Redux Framework to
Common CSS and images between XF1 and XF2 bridge files
XF1 Added legacy/ to namespace and rebuilt legacy files (Huge change)
XF1 Removed branding and using XF2 code
XF2 Refactored members system
XF2 Added text option for the online widget
XF2 Comment system files are present but not functional
Bug Fix: Fixed Thread link in legacy all post page.
Bug Fix: Undefined Index for Redux Framework options.

This download is available to active license holders. If you do not have a license and are interested in testing this version then please contact Gracie on Tux Reports.
This version is available for download for all current license holders. Please feel free to contact Gracie on Tux Reports if you are a past annual license-holder and let it go but want to test this version.

The bootstrap file and Redux Framework ini were modified after feedback from others. The greatest change involved the conditionals for XenForo 1 and 2 loading of files.

( 11 ) 2017.10.28 - October 28, 2017
Bug Fix: Redux Framework conditionals.
Bug Fix: Bootstrap conditionals.

Please report any issue in the XenWord Pro 2017 forum.

This is alpha. Please do not use on a production server. Some individuals are brave and are trying this code for XenForo 1. Code for the XenForo 2 portion of the bridge remains incomplete as bugs are being worked on the merging of legacy code with the new XenWord code for XenForo 2.

I'd like to thank everyone for testing these releases.
Significant changes to the bootstrap file were done after combining XenForo 1 bridge files with the newer XenForo 2 bridge. Bug fixes to XenForo 1 files were included.

Major changes
Fixed activation clashes when XenForo 2 is not present
class-xenword-add-users-to-wp.php - use in_array instead of $wp_role['0']
Removed use_online_members_avatars switch for online members widget.
Changed priority load for xenword_login.

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The second alpha release of XenWord Pro 2017 is now available for download.

Thank you for all of the feedback on the first alpha released last night. I've fixed the CSS loading and support widget bugs and the XenForo 1 connector should be solid. Please test and report back any issues in the XenWord Pro 2017 suggestions forum.

This is for testing purposes only; however, the XenForo 1 connector should be solid and feel free to try the plugin.

(7) 2017.10.23 - October 23, 2017 [XenWord Pro 2017]
Bug Fix: Properly loading support widget
Bug Fix: Custom admin CSS loading.

Merged Code
( 137 ) 3.6.0 - October 14, 2017 [XenForo 1 Side]
Tested on WordPress 4.9 beta 3
XenForo Latest Threads (Wide) - Added Prefixes
xenword-public.css - added Prefixes
Consistent use of $options instead of multiple calls to $xenword_options
Bug Fix: Footer Link Colors
A nasty bug introduced in version regarding comments has been fixed in 3.5.2. The Redux Framework has been updated and removal of an SQL statement for checking if a user already exists in the WP database.

( 136 ) 3.5.2 - October 10, 2017
Posts.php file returned to 3.4.3 version then corrected to using WP_Comment_Query

( 135 ) 3.5.1 - October 7, 2017
Upgraded Redux Framework v3.6.7.7
Rewrote check user to use get_userdata instead of the sql statement
Rename check_user method to check_user_exists
Rewrote class-xenword-add_users_to_wp.php to WordPress and login conditionals
Change comment argument array to include unapproved comments (which can lead to duplicate comment message).
Constructor changed to private in Posts.php

As always, never enable XenWord until after you have aligned the admin accounts between XenForo and WordPress AND if you are attempting a multisite then you must add the admin user to the XenWord multisite panel before enabling XenWord.
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( 134 ) 3.5 - October 1, 2017
Tested with WordPress 4.8.2
Members and Styles loaders created
New option for use_members for local testing
New option for XF Username to be used when posting a WP Post to XenForo.
New option to enable or disable fallback forum
Bug Fix: Clarified not to enable XenWord until after Multisite settings completed.

Version 3.5.1 is being tested.

( 135 ) 3.5.1 - October 7, 2017
Upgraded Redux Framework v3.6.7.7
Rewrote check user to use get_userdata instead of the sql statement
Rename check_user method to check_user_exists
Rewrote class-xenword-add_users_to_wp.php to WordPress and login conditionals
Change comment argument array to include unapproved comments (which can lead to duplicate comment message).
Constructor changed to private in Posts.php

XenWord 4 is being tested with XenForo 2 beta 4. Widgets are being added so that the new version matches the XenWord 3 releases.
The most important change is the Redux Framework upgrade to 3.6.5 for better PHP 7 compatibility. An earlier change was made to update tags during a WordPress post update.

( 130 ) - May 14, 2017
Tested with WordPress 4.8 Beta
Upgraded Redux Framework to 3.6.5 (PHP 7 Compatibility)
Added return statement to login file

( 129 ) - April 12, 2017
Added option to load xenforo.js. The option is off by default.
Bug Fix: class-xenword-thread-creation.php update tags on WP Post Update.

Keep reading about the update.
This release includes a new check for the server extension mbstring, a conditional for deleted posts not to be copied to WordPress, and improvements to several widgets.

( 128 ) - April 10, 2017
Tested with WordPress 4.7.3
Added getModelCacheFrom method to XenWord class (testing in Members Online Widget)
Added mbstring check
Added conditional in Posts.php to stop deleted posts being copied to WordPress comments
Added new support dashboard widget
Added More View Link and Avatars in XenForo Threads with Replies
Added more options in XenWord Settings Panel Members for online widget
xenword-public.css file: removed float left for Members online, a.xenword_signup
class-xenword-thread-link.php: removed nesting of conditionals
class-xenword-thread-link.php: wrapped different conditionals is_single() && in_the_loop() && is_main_query()
Renamed xenword-class-xenword-xenforo.php to class-xenword-connector.php
Bug Fix: class-xenword-stylesheets.php link to xenforo.js

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Sites not using Use Full Friendly URLs ran into problems with Avatars not loading. Important bug fixes include the metabox loading outside of the WordPress dashboard and the proper loading of metaboxes on posts, pages, etc.

( 127 ) - March 4, 2017
Added missing text domain to class-online-users-widget.php
Added is_admin() in class-xenword-discussions-loader.php
Bug Fix: Metaboxes loading
Bug Fix: Author box if XenForo about is empty
Bug Fix: Uploaded XenForo Avatars when Use Friendly URLs is off

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