XenWord Pro 2018

XenWord Pro 2018 2018.06.12 - RC4

No permission to buy ($49.99)
Compatible XF 2.x versions
Additional requirements
WordPress, PHP 5.4 or greater, mbstring.
Visible branding
Yes, but removable with payment
XenWord Pro 2018 is a simple bridge between XenForo 2 and WordPress. A switch is included so that the bridge will work between XenForo 1 and WordPress. This version is the upgrade to XenWord Pro 3.5.2.

The current version is the last beta release and needs heavy testing. Please do not use this on a live server. All suggestions are welcome.

Cookie-based login to WordPress using a XenForo user account.
A thread is created for select WordPress posts.
WordPress comments are copied to XenForo 2
XenForo 2 replies are posted to WordPress
A few widgets are available to help integrate WordPress and XenForo.

The XenForo user information remains central to this plugin. In order to log into the WordPress panel then you must align the user_ids between XenForo and WordPress.

Install the plugin through the "add new" in WordPress panel.
Activate the plugin
Set the absolute path, save
Set the switch to XenForo 2, save.
You should be logged out and rolled to XenForo.
Log in via XenForo
Go to XenForo admin panel -- setup new secondary user groups
Go to WordPress backend (/wp-admin)
Enable user mapping
Test and report

XenWord Pro 2017.11.10 Frontpage.png

Redux Framework is used to build the XenWord Panel Settings.

XenWord Pro 2017.11.10 XenWord Panels.png

The ad shown is for local development only based on Redux Framework. It will not be present on a live server.

A video walkthrough on changing from XF1 to XF2.

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This product also works with XenForo 1.
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