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Unmaintained xenStreams&Radio 1.0.6

xenStreams provides the user the option to view your streaming channel on its website

  1. netkingZ
    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.2
    [31 Nov 2014] Project suspended. Maybe it will resume in the future.

    What is it?

    xenStreams provides the user the option to view your streaming channel on its website. Now even Radio.

    How does it work?
    xenStreams is fully integrated in XenForo.

    - Can enable or disable the add-on
    - You can enable or disable the channel Twitch
    - You can enable or disable the chat channel Twitch
    - Can enter your username Twitch
    - Can inserie an image as a background
    - Can enter other streaming media.


    The administrator can use this add-on in reference with your own or other people's Twitch channel, can enable chat in relation all'username inserted, you can place a picture as the background and may put other streaming link.


    [v.1.0.1] Added the display system of the streaming channel in Top Forum.
    [v.1.0.2] Added the function Radio.
    [v.1.0.4] Added the function "Only Registered". Fixed Bug Menu.
    [v.1.0.6] Added function Volume Audio.

    - xenStreams Add-on
    - Instructions for settings

    • Upload contents of upload folder to root directory, overwriting any existing files.
    • Install addon-xenStreams.xml file.
    To get this add-on you can contact me via private conversation just plain clicking on the button at the top right.



    Thank you for your attention
    Best Regards