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xenMiG Portal 1.0.2

No permission to buy (€49.00)
Compatible XF 1.x versions
Visible branding
Yes, but removable with payment
xenMiG is a collaboration between xenDACH, the German XenForo Community, and Monkey Palm Media UG (limited liability company). Together we develop add-ons for XenForo software. The first result of this collaboration is the now appearing xenMiG portal.

In addition to your XenForo forum-software, you are looking for a comprehensive portal with creative freedom? The xenMiG portal could be just the thing for you.

Our portal gives you:
  • A grid-based layout system with multiline gridfunctionality
  • A layout with drag and drop functionality
  • The design components can be individualized by XenForo´s style editor
  • An extensible widget system with a wide range of settings for widgets
  • Row-based, free positioning of widgets
  • Responsive design
  • Search Engines optimized (wip)
Integrated news system:
  • Extensive, category-based news system with multi-function teaser
  • Extensive dependencies for the news
  • Expandable editorial system for the news management in front- and backend
  • Create wews from thread, post, URL or article
Integrated (small) article system:
  • Extensive, category-based aticle system with multi-function teaser
  • Extensive dependencies for the articles
  • Expandable editorial system for the article management in front- and backend
Extended XenForo functions
  • 29 new permissions
  • 4 new bbcodes for all parts of XenForo implemented into the XenForo editor
    • align justify
    • fload left
    • float right
    • columns
  • 10 new style property group with dozens of new style functions
  • Stip portal page from all XenForo components to a real empty page for your free design
  • and more

Take a look into the Future now
  • More widgets
  • Special news pages (Version 1,1)
  • Article article pages (Version 1.1)
  • Upload into articles (independent from XenForo) (Version 1.1)
  • ...
more soon

Widget Overview (at the moment only English, but with a lot of screenshots)ür-das-xenmig-portal-und-ihre-möglichkeiten.13/

Please note: xenMiG Portal is a commercial product and will cost 49,-€.
(after the first year you need 15,-€/year for update and support)

If you like to buy it (English) (German)

For Information:
Is there a license protection / license key?
To protect our software, we have decided to use a license key.
This key is entered by you and checked on our servers.

How does the review run?
The key will be checked while calling the Layout customizer.

Can I install more than one instance (test environment)?
Per license one productive environment and one development environment are possible.
=> Always: Domain "localhost"
=> Other domains should be mentioned on purchase

What happens if I am offline for some time, but would like to work on the layout?
Working offline will be possible temporarily. Permanently working offline is not possible
First release
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Latest reviews

This addon shows good approaches. The layout and the settings of the widgets are very flexible. The number of widgets is limited, but sufficient for my purpose, because it is possible to operate the Xenmig portal together with the widget framework. So I can represent widgets like the shoutbox in the sidebar.

So far to the positive aspects. Because the addon in my view has a major shortcoming.

At the current state of development it is in fact impossible to represent created News archives, it is only possible to display the actual news on the portal page. Without this feature the addon makes no sense for me .

There is currently no support on, which will answer questions about the further development