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[xenMade.com] SEO (SEO2) 1.5.1

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Compatible XF 2.x versions
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Decide for yourself and effectively which content is indexed from the search engine. This happens either automatically or manually.
There are extensive rules in the forum preferences.

When creating a thread, you can immediately influence the "noindex","index","nofollow" and "follow" Robot Meta specifications.

- Robot Index global for all Threads
- Robot Follow global for all Threads
- Robot Index global for all XF RM -> Resources
- Robot Follow global for all XF RM -> Resources

:Extensive settings
- NoIndex for threads with fewer X words
- Only on the first page of a thread
- In all posts of a thread

- NoIndex for threads whose posts have no attachments
- Only in the first post
- In no post in a thread

- NoIndex always from page x
- NoIndex at a thread age of X days
- NoIndex after X days since last post

- NoIndex for threads that have a specific prefix

:OG:Images for:
- Threads per Direkt Imagelink or Upload
- Foren per Direkt Imagelink or Upload
- Categories per Direkt Imagelink or Upload

:Extra SEO for Images
- set ALT / Title for Images automatically* or manually

- remove noIndex Threads from the Sitemap
- remove noIndex Ressources from the Sitemap

*Automatically: the following variables are available:
{threadtitle}, {forumtitle}, {username}, {postdate}, {posttime}, {boardtitle}, {postid}, {threadid}, {filename}, {threaddate}, {threadtime}
au lait
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Latest updates

  1. 1.5.1

    [fixed] "Remove all User/Avatar Links for Guests" Option [fixed] Template Problems [fixed]...
  2. 1.5.0

    [add] Add NoIndex, Index, Follow, NoFollow for Threads with X Prefix (Prefix Settings) [fixed]...
  3. 1.4.0

    [add] Attachment Description as MouseOver ToolTip [add] OG:image from Avatar [add]...

Latest reviews

Big thank's for this wonderfull and very usefull addon ! The support is there and quick. I really appreciate it so isupplied the french translation for a gift !!
Best Seo Addon foro XenForo 2.x , i love it, work perfect :D (it,s need only 1 option to be a perfect add-on, option to edit nodes and home page seo metas.)
Without this cant even think Forum can make marvels.
This addon helped me a lot to boost my global rank by 200,000+ number in less than a month time - I am not joking, you can check my site status at alexa rank checker.

xF2 is a god of Forum and this addon is Most powerful killer weapon which helps to compete in Today's Competition with less efforts.

My mentality always screws Dev after i do purchase addon from them, but this dev gone forward and helped me to solve all issues which i had with addon and cleared my concepts on each thing.

I was scared with my SEO, but now i am happy.

I would suggest everyone to use this addon.

If you are on xf2 and not using this powerful weapon, the chances of survival in Todays market are less.

Apart from this power-pack addon, Your forum should also have good content on it (the content is like a bullet which you put into powerful weapon of this addon).

Thanks a Lot @au lait
The best SEO solution for XF 2 so far. The developer is active and it takes user feedback into consideration. Definitely a must have on your forum
Thank you for this addon! Just excellent, it promises that the good and author listens, it's fun. Thank's !