XenForo Translation [Latin American Spanish]

XenForo Translation [Latin American Spanish] 2.2.2

No permission to buy ($5.00)
Best translation ever, very professional. I'm really happy with this, really recommended. The price is really accessible too.
Great work, complete translation for latin spanish.
Thanks and enjoy it. I hope this review can help.
Excellent translation. The phrases and meaning of them are all according with the "spirit" of a forum, meaning he didn't copy/pasted from/to Google Translator. No flaws. 100% awesome work.
Great work, complete translation at low cost, friendly writing in Latin Spanish, delivery was very fast
Very good translation in Spanish. You save a lot of time translating sentences for as little as $ 5. Can be used for Spain and Latin America.
Very good translation, the same for Spanish from America as for Spanish from Spain, and for a small donation of $ 5 that does not pay for all the working hours employed.
Great translation, recommended 100% all the phrases and words are translated to spanish following the RAE directions