XenForo Translation [Latin American Spanish]

XenForo Translation [Latin American Spanish] 2.2.4

No permission to buy ($5.00)
Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.1
  2. 2.2
Updates duration
12 months
Visible branding
Yes, but removable without payment
XenForo translation to Spanish language Latin America region. With the RAE as a rule of language use.

  • Emoji translated 100%
  • 100% translated public view of the site
  • 100% translated admin panel (Correction with sensitive phrases for options)
  • List of Countries translated 100% (Correction of official names in Spanish)
  • List of Currencies translated 100% (Correction of official names in Spanish)
Following the rules established by the RAE, if you find any error, contact me by PM.

  1. Log in AdminCP > Appearance > Languages
  2. Import: language-Spanish-ES.
  3. Import as: child language (no parent).
  4. Click Import.
Terms of use:
  • The language contains a copyright (available to be removed without payment).
  • Sale, distribution of this product is prohibited (partial / total). Please only allowed directly with me
Diego Elías (DiegoElias in XenForo) https://www.gamerxhq.net


Traducción al 100% de XenForo al idioma Español región Latinoamérica. Respetando la RAE en el uso del idioma.

  • Emoji traducido al 100%
  • Vista pública del sitio entero traducido al 100% (Corrección con frases amigables)
  • Panel del administrador traducido al 100% (Corrección con frases sensitivas para las opciones)
  • Lista de Países traducido al 100% (Corrección de nombres oficiales al español)
  • Lista de Divisas traducido al 100% (Corrección de nombres oficiales al español)
Siguiendo las reglas establecidas por la RAE, de encontrar algún pequeño error, contáctese conmigo por MP.
Traducido con observación en los pequeños detalles al mínimo, en constante actualización y búsqueda de mejoras.

  1. Ingresar en AdminCP > Appearance > Languages
  2. Importar (bóton Import): language-Spanish-ES.
  3. Seleccionar (Import as): child language (no parent).
  4. Clic en Import.
Términos de uso:
  • El idioma contiene un copyright de traducción (disponible para ser removido sin pago).
  • No está permitida la venta, distribución del producto en ninguna de sus formas (parcial/total) a través de otros medios que no sea directamente conmigo.
Diego Elías (DiegoElias en Xenforo) https://www.gamerxhq.net
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Latest reviews

works perfectly! excelent work and very happy with the translation. cheap translation and 100% recomended.
Best translation ever, very professional. I'm really happy with this, really recommended. The price is really accessible too.
Great work, complete translation for latin spanish.
Thanks and enjoy it. I hope this review can help.
Excellent translation. The phrases and meaning of them are all according with the "spirit" of a forum, meaning he didn't copy/pasted from/to Google Translator. No flaws. 100% awesome work.
Great work, complete translation at low cost, friendly writing in Latin Spanish, delivery was very fast
Very good translation in Spanish. You save a lot of time translating sentences for as little as $ 5. Can be used for Spain and Latin America.
Very good translation, the same for Spanish from America as for Spanish from Spain, and for a small donation of $ 5 that does not pay for all the working hours employed.
Great translation, recommended 100% all the phrases and words are translated to spanish following the RAE directions