XenForo - FRENCH translation

XenForo - FRENCH translation 2.2.12

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Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.2
Updates duration
12 months
Visible branding
Yes, but removable without payment
French translation of XenForo Community platform.
  • Fully translated (ACP & Public view)
  • Spelling and grammar verification, no word-for-word translation from google
  • 100% Emojis translated
  • 100% Currencies & countries translated
This translation is available for download by subscribing to our PREMIUM subscription which gives you access to all our official XenForo translations (Forum, Resource Manager, Media Gallery, Enhanced Search) as well as a whole collection of translations of the most popular add-ons. Browse our official translations on our website XenForo FR
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Nicolas FR
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Latest updates

  1. Improvements to ad placement phrases

    Improvements to ad placement phrases for better understanding.
  2. Added new translated phrases

    Added new translated phrases following the XenForo update to 2.2.12 Cookie consent New emojis
  3. Improvements

    Improved some translations, especially in account details, preferences and privacy.

Latest reviews

Superbe travail! Great Work. It's very simple to import and use it. Thanks again to Nicolas. Nous te soutenons!
Nicolas FR
Nicolas FR
Merci beaucoup !
Thanks for this translation.
However, there are a translation in all thread_prefix and thread_prefix_group constants, which overload the configuration of the site (I suppose the values of your translation correspond to your forum). So, after install this translation, many of prefix in my forum has modified. I must to delete it one per one to restore my configured values
Nicolas FR
Nicolas FR
Hello, ok i see the problem so I will upload a new file without thread_prefix. Thanks
Excellent work, the traduction is very good and thanks you for the free sharing. Best regards, Kevin ;)
Nicolas FR
Nicolas FR
Many thanks !