xenForo 2.x.x and 1.x.x - Hey, don't forget me! :)

Unmaintained xenForo 2.x.x and 1.x.x - Hey, don't forget me! :)

A new feature!
After changing the title on your site in a different tab transition now the favicon at the beginning will change!

What's New?
  • Time added
  • Smile added
  • JavaScript file added
Demo screenshot;

I'm browsing different sites except site tab.

Installation list;
  1. Export "beni-unuttun.zip" file.
  2. "beni-unuttun.js" upload to "styles/yourstyle/xenforo/js/beni-unuttun.js" file
  3. "uzgun.png" upload to "styles/yourstyle/xenforo/smilies/uzgun.png"
  4. Appearance > Styles> Yourstyle > Templates
  5. Edit template: PAGE_CONTAINER
  6. Add on top;
  7. JavaScript:
    <script src="styles/yourstyle/js/beni-unuttun.js"></script>
    title: 'Hey, beni unutma..!',
    faviconSrc: 'styles/yourstyle/xenforo/smilies/uzgun.png',
    timeout: 1000
Changeable codes;
  • Time setting; timeout: 1000
  • Favicon image; uzgun.png
  • Title name; title: 'Hey, beni unutma..!',
Dowloand Files -> Click

Live Preview;
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