[Xenbros] Home Blog for Xenforo2

[Xenbros] Home Blog for Xenforo2 1.4.1

No permission to buy ($20.00)
Fixed : Widget position below thread
this is simple fix so not need of upgrade version please re upload the 1.4.1 file to your forum
Fixed : Ajax scroll were not working after 1.4.0 update
Added : Missing Phrase of By in widget
Added : Character limit for first block
Fixed : Grid css issues
Added : Widget position blog Feature thread
Added : widget position below Latest thread
ADDED : Thread Widget Popular thread as Widget
Added : Category bar above latest thread section

This release is before i release the full update because of featured section has bug so all user getting issues with it so this update is focus it on the featured thread section

Removed : Old featured section
Added : New featured section with Slider and side grid
Added : custom background check box if you want to use the custom image link instead of attachment
Added : Expert for the slider but it's still required for right side grid too for future update
Added : Featured thread choice slider and grid
Added : Unfeatured task on if user delete thread so it also remove the thread from featured
Added : Font-awesome icon in user and time in list layout and grid
Added : Missing phrase in addon
Improved : Old css code

More update coming in next update


Note this release might have bug so if you face them please report them via PM :) happy to solve them in next update
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Fix : css issues
Added : missing phrase
Added : category style property
Fix: style property issues with dark style by default
Fix: Block doesn't show on android
Added : Display By
Added : Order By
Added : Sticky thread only
Added : Hide pagination
Added : Ajax Scroll
Added : Style Properties for Blocks
Added : List Layout
Fix : User Group Permission
Fix : Minor Css issues with blocks

Note this release might have bug so if you face them please report them via PM :) happy to solve them in next update

Feature Update -
Multiple Layout Section
Widget Position
More +
ADD : Default Image option if there no attachment and first image Url
ADD : Image Height so yo can adjust the of the icon
ADD : Thread Category now show on the top of the image
ADD : Title of Blog Page (Leave is blank if you don't want any title in the blog page)
New Widget - Blog Category List. so user can go directly to the thread category that he want to see

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