Xen Pushover (Push Notifications)

Xen Pushover (Push Notifications) 1.2.4

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This update is a very small bug fix which resolves an issue that could arise if an add-on attempts to send an alert to a user who doesn't exist. This generally shouldn't happen but now, if it ever does, you won't see any errors :)
Update the XenForo.com scrape feature to work with the new HTML structure in XF2 used at XenForo.com.
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Pushover appears to be stripping the XF route information out of the success and failure return URLs therefore preventing changes to your user's Pushover subscriptions from taking effect.

Instead of being returned to the External Accounts page, users will find themselves returned to your home page if you do not have friendly URLs enabled.

This update resolves that issue.

To get the update a download link will be emailed to you but any download link you've used previously will always download the latest version.
This update resolves a small issue that might occur if you have an AlertHandler configured in your XF installation that cannot be loaded for some reason (for example, if the files are no longer available).

Thanks to @WoodiE for reporting that.
Please read the following carefully. The upgrade will effectively disable the add-on until set up is complete. Please note, also, that the minimum requirements of the add-on have gone up. Xen Pushover now requires XenForo 1.4 and above and PHP 5.3.2 and above.

The first thing to do before upgrading is to log in to your site's Pushover account, find the API application you created, and create a subscription code:

You just provide some basic information and your URL:


You will be given a subscription code, or a subscription code URL. Enter either of those into your Admin CP along side the existing API Token/Key you already have:


Until this is done, Xen Pushover is effectively disabled and your users will be missing notifications.

This change is because Xen Pushover now uses an extremely simple Pushover feature called "Subscriptions".

Users are no longer required to obtain a complicated User key to subscribe, all they need to do is click the Subscribe button:


This takes them off to Pushover to register/log in and then they are returned back to your site, where a special token is received and associated to them.

Then log in to Pushover, choose their default sound and device:


Then they're done!


They can cancel subscription directly from Pushover or use the button above, and change some settings:


Pushover Alert Types has been moved (accessible via the button above). It looks mostly the same, except you can specify a sound for each type.


XenForo scraping doesn't support conversations. But it has been improved. Scraping for alerts doesn't mark them read and if you've read them on XF.com, they no longer come through via Pushover.

The summary of the all changes are:
  • Implements Pushover subscriptions (above)
  • Supports alerts for conversations
  • Per alert type sound setting
  • Improved code surrounding XenForo alert scraping
  • XenForo 1.5 compatibility
  • Server errors fixed (rare issue where Pushover accounts/devices are deactivated).
  • Alerts read from XenForo.com are no longer marked as read.
  • Slightly alters the phrasing on one of the pre-defined friendly names in the Admin CP.
  • Fixes an issue where a friendly name added for a content type isn't updated immediately due to language caches not being rebuilt.
Thank you Martok :)
This update brings with it some new features:
  • A new queue system. No longer any delay when performing an action that would trigger a Pushover.
  • The queue system can auto-retry any Pushover notifications that cannot be sent.
  • If a user has been active in the last 5 minutes, the Pushover process is delayed by 60 seconds (customisable in options).
  • If a user has already read the alert in the forum, it is no longer sent to Pushover.
  • The Admin can control globally which alert types the user can choose to receive.
  • The Admin can provide friendly names to the Alert content type and actions in the Admin CP by clicking on their names.
  • The user can choose which alert types they wish to receive (from the ones allowed by the Admin)
  • The user can also specify a priority for each alert. Low priority alerts do not give any audible notification on your device. Normal priority alerts are... normal :). High priority alerts are sent to the device, and ignore a user's "Quiet Time" settings. They are also highlighted in red in the app.
This feature also includes some cool, Admin only enhancements:
  • Admin Alerts
    • Receive notification when Server Errors have been logged (you are notified that server errors exist, not for each one that occurs)
    • Receive notification when a new user has been set to Awaiting Approval
  • Pushover for XenForo.com Community
    • Receive push notifications from alerts at XenForo.com
Both of the above features are controlled by Admin permissions. If you are not a Super Administrator, you will need to configure these permissions before they are visible in the Admin CP > Applications > Xen Pushover menu.

It's also worth noting that to receive alerts from XenForo.com you must first have given your usergroup/user account permission to use Xen Pushover and also added your API key to the Admin CP options.





Thank you to the people who have purchased so far.

The price has been reduced to only £15 GBP.

The £15 GBP is a one-off payment that allows you to keep Xen Pushover for life including all future upgrades.

Version 1.0.1 adjusts the template slightly, so that the sound effects drop down only appears after associating.