Xen Notices

Xen Notices 1.1.2

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This version brings temporarily dismissible notifications (via the close button) amongst many more features (details below). Check out the temporary dismiss feature at http://www.deemit.co.uk.

1.2 Fixes:
  • None! :D
1.2 New Features:
  • For each notification you can configure a delay time. The notification will not be shown until this time passes. This is configurable up to 1 hour.
  • You now have several image options. You can either display no image, display the visitor's avatar, or provide a URL/path to any image. The images are automatically shrunk to the same sizes.
  • New global option to enable / disable temporary dismissal of notifications. Enabled by default. The temporary dismissal of notifications is done via the close button and works for guests too.
  • For each notification you can specify a "time to hide" value. This is the time, in days, that the notification will stay closed for. If you specify 0 (default) the notification will be closed throughout the current browsing session, and will reappear the next time the browser is restarted.
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1.1a Fixes:

  • Dismiss Notification link no longer appears for guests. Guests cannot dismiss notifications permanently. (This is the same behaviour as Notices).
  • Fixed bug which made the Dismiss Notification appear at the top of pages above the nav bar.
  • Fixed jQuery bug which meant the notification IDs didn't match the styles, therefore breaking the colour picker.

Sorry about the bugs, and thank you all for reporting them.

Thank you everyone for your support so far. I'd like to especially thank Shelley and yodawan for their support. I'm dedicated to making this product even better, and your continued support is only making it easier!

Notifications - Version 1.1

This version fixes a number of bugs which were reported, and some others I found myself.

In this version, you can now also easily style your notifications by picking the background colour and text colour to use:




Full Changelog

1.1 Fixes:
  • Notification Position drop down now fully phrased.
  • Fixed some other missing phrases
  • Error messages when entering values too high are now more user friendly.
  • The title field is no longer a required field. This is good to do image only notifications.
  • The Dismiss Notification URL now supports friendly and non-friendly URLs.
  • The Dismiss Notification prompt now opens in an Overlay.
  • New Admin Permission: "Manage notifications".
  • Improved database operations in Install.php (identified potential issues with removal).
1.1 New Features:
  • New custom styling options. Now also includes a colour picker to easily change the colours of your notification without custom CSS.


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3) Upgrade using the provided XML file.


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