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Xen Notices 1.1.2

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This minor update adds a {pagetitle} variable for use in Notifications.

{pagetitle} will be replaced with the title of the current page:

This update also fixes the default light style not working.
1.5 Fixes:
  • Resolves an issue whereby multiple Notifications can be closed when only wanting to close one.

1.5 New Features:

  • New variables for use in Notifications:
    • {boardurl} now uses XenForo_Link to create an appropriate friendly/non-friendly URL
    • {forumid} is replaced with the forum ID of the current forum
    • {forumname} is replaced with the title of the current forum
    • {forumurl} is replaced with the URL of the current forum
    • {birthdays} is replaced with a list of users whose birthday is today
  • Birthdays can be displayed in a Notification when using the {birthdays} variable. By default it will show your members only the user's they are following if they have a birthday. The option in Admin CP allows you to display the birthdays of ALL users. If there are no birthdays on the current day, the notification is automatically hidden.
  • If you experience issues with the TinyMCE editor and you host your javascript files in any sort of CDN, then please enable the new "CDN Compatibility" option. This will force the files to be hosted locally.
  • Now uses default XenForo methods of setting and getting Cookies. No longer a dependency on a third party Cookie plugin.
This version now introduces the ability (as an Admin only) to reset a notification.

Resetting the notification will essentially make it so that anyone who has previously permanently dismissed the notification will get shown the notification again.

This is good to keep reminding your users of certain information (i.e. pestering :p) or simply if the notification was previously redundant and you'd like to reuse the same settings/colours etc.
1.4a Fixes:

  • All browsers that matter now render notifications with border-radius
  • Cleaned up CSS code (thanks MagnusB)
  • Improved RGBA compaibility by using XenForo's rgba.php which replaces an rgba CSS rule with a transparent .png. This means transparency should now work on all browsers. Even IE6.

1.4a New Features:
  • You now have 3 configurable options to display access to the Notification Center:
    • Nav Tab
    • Moderator bar (will only be visible by mods and admins)
    • Visitor tab drop down (only visible with Notficiation view permissions)
  • The Rich Text Editor can now be disabled in options.
Resolves a problem with an invalid callback method.

Introducing the Notification Center

The new Notification Center allows you to give permissions to any usergroup to manage and create Notifications right from the front end. No access to Admin CP required.

You can set limits on which Notifications they can see, which the can edit or delete or how many they can create themselves.

This allows you to delegate the task of creating Notifications to other staff members who do not have Admin CP access, or even via User Upgrades sell the ability to your members/sponsors.

Other new stuff

I have included a slightly modified version of TinyMCE in this release which makes customising the notifications even easier.


The download will be delivered by e-mail Unzip, upload and install using the provided XML.

Once installed, you must give yourself (and others) access to the permissions to make the Notification Center available.
1.3 Fixes:
  • Temporary dismissal now only functions if the close button is pressed.
  • Fixed clash with other add-ons (specifically Conversation Essentials and User Essentials by Syndol)
1.3 New Features:

Video demonstration of new features:
  • Updated the admin colour picker to use the default XenForo picker.
  • Colour picker now lets you configure transparency on a per notification basis. Just change the A value in the colour picker to a decimal between 0.0 and 1.0 (Where 0 is transparent and 1 is opaque. 0.85 has been the default up to now).
  • Added audible notifications. Specify an MP3 file in the Notification settings and it will be played when the notification is loaded.
  • Notifications can now be fully previewed in the Admin CP before making them visible.
1.3 Known Issue:
  • The Preview function calls the public EXTRA.css template (which may contain custom classes for Notifications) and therefore it may contain style classes which override the Admin CP style. This may briefly change the appearance of the Admin CP when the preview button is pressed. This isn't permanent and reverts back to normal when navigating away from the Notification page.

This version, please upload all files and install the XML file.

Fixes an error in the installer.
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This release is a very minor bug fix. You will receive the update as normal by e-mail, but none of the core files have changed. Therefore, no real reason to upload any files. On this occasion, just upgrade the add-on in the Admin CP using the XML file included.

1.2a Fixes:
  • Fixed issue with Cookie check that prevented notifications completely if temporary dismissal was turned off.

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Thank you for your continued support.